Terminal C

Going Home in just a few short weeks (32 Days to be exact!), and I haven’t flown into the new terminal for Jet blue since its opened. I just have a few questions:

We will just be taking uber or lift to our resort, can we get it straight from that terminal?

How’s the food situation there ( for the way back home), is there mcdonalds?

No checked bags for us, but in case they are forcibly checked due to carryon storage issues, do we have to the main terminals for baggage claim?

How are the security lines so far? We have precheck but realize sometimes its closed.

Thanks for your help!!


No advice! Just excited for another trip :heart_eyes:

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Oh! Yes, I took JetBlue to/from MCO early December. We actually only had snacks at Geyser Point so we could eat at Shake Shack (don’t judge).

Our waiter at WBG brunch was talking to us fro a while. He said he was working during the week at the WBG in the terminal. I also received an email that Chef Art Smith’s (I think QS) is now open? That is right by the JetBlue high 30s (?) gates.


oh yummmm shake shack!
no judgements!!

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I liked the new terminal! I can’t remember but there was a few food options, and this was a few months ago, probably more now. I had pre check and no problem. Baggage claim is all in the same terminal.

We got a Shake Shack around here about a year or 2 ago. We still haven’t been able to go because the lines are crazy long, like Chick-Fil-A long but not as quick. So apparently it’s really good.


I’ll be there in 29 days! Liner meet up, maybe?

Shake Shack is delicious! It made it to the West Coast 4 years ago. :yum:


In Terminal C? I’ll be in Terminal A. Anyone know how easy it is to get from one terminal to another at MCO?

You have to go through security to get to each terminal so I am pretty sure you can only go to the one for your flight.

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I looked last last and it is still saying “coming soon“ but it is beyond security.

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It is! I’ve eaten there a few times in NYC while visiting family.


So is there Uber available from this terminal?

There were signs that you could get Uber there. I was told there was a “monorail” to terminal B but I had to take a shuttle to pick up my rental. I was able to return my rental to terminal c. I really liked the new terminal.

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I flew into Terminal C 3 weeks ago. It’s big, spacious and immigration for international arrivals was very fast. It wasn’t particularly crowded.

The big issue I had was transport between terminals, they claimed to have a shuttle but they actually had a long haul bus (the type with cargo beneath) going back and forth and a huge queue for it. Maybe this was temporary. I hope. Apparently there is a train between the terminals but it’s a long walk and I didn’t see any signs pointing to it.

If you don’t need to connect to another terminal, I imagine terminal C will be good though.

Ride share stop is right outside, arrivals (upper) level.

What was the shuttle? A typical airport bus?

I think it is what you referred to: a large bus with luggage storage underneath.

I actually asked how to get to terminal b and the only option I was told in the terminal was the “shuttle”. I could not find the monorail type system.

There is a train/ monorail thing. You go like you are going to Parking garage C.

Found a map online

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I had asked a lot of people about this before my trip since I had the rental. I tried to follow my notes and I followed the signs to luggage (even though I only had carry ones) but there are no signs directing travelers to any internal transport and when I went to the info desk they acted like the bus was the only option.