Teppan Edo

Hi, we are trying to book Teppan Edo for end of July. On the app it says cannot book. Online you go through to choosing your party and it says something went wrong, please phone!
Is there a problem with Teppan Edo 20-22nd July? Is it closing?
Any help would be appreciated.

I don’t see anything out on the interwebs or refurb lists about it. Probably a glitch. Try again later!

Weird question but are you in the US? I had trouble booking it from the UK earlier this year, I had to use a VPN.

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It is a Tuesday. While Disney IT can glitch any time without warning, Tuesdays seem to be particularly problematic. You can try again later, or try calling instead.

Thank you everyone, we were booking from the uk, no problem with any other reservations just Teppan Edo
We ended up calling and got our reservations! :tada::tada:


That was exactly my experience, I could book everything else no bother. Glad you got it!

I had this problem booking all my ressies from UK. Later found if I use a VPN to book via US website it worked fine.

Call to the US reservations line cost me £70, thanks O2 :sob:

For what it’s worth, same day ADRs at TE seem easy to get.