Teppan Edo or Monsieur Paul

@Tate has tempted me into switching Monsieur Paul with Teppan Edo.

The social side of TE slightly scares me. But the style of food excites me and it’s very different to every other meal I’m having. I’m doing V&A. Isn’t MP basically poor man’s V&A? (No offence, lol.)

There’s always next year, of course . . .


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DS read the menu at Teppan Edo earlier and is now insisting we eat there, he’s excited to see the hibachi cooking too. But Monsieur Paul doesn’t appeal to us at all.

I don’t think this helps much.

Why not?

The desserts look gorgeous but the mains don’t really appeal.

I always trust @bswan26’s food advice and I believe he has repeatedly said Monsiieur Paul’s was a great meal.

I came back to my post to add: for me,most times the signature meal will win. Also, I can find a similar experience at home at a much cheaper price, than Teppan Edo.

Both get great reviews. Typically WDW restaurants get 4.0 on TripAdvisor. The better ones get 4.5. These both get 4.5

I’ve switched to TE. I’m really excited by the food — and by the fact it’s so different to my other choices. I’ll save MP for next year, when I won’t be doing V&A again.


Ooh interesting point about MP and VA being similar.

If TE is a really different experience for you, go for it!

Part of the reason dining is such a big deal for me is that I never eat out at home. I have a dog and I never leave him alone. So it’s always delivery food, or occasionally dog-friendly restaurants.

I’ve already got ADRs at Jiko and Artist Point. MP seems a bit samey — meat in sauce. I’m literally salivating at the thought of TE from the pictures I’ve seen.


Enjoy! I am sure you will enjoy it.

If you have nothing like TE at home, then I fully agree with your decision. The few times I’ve eaten there the food has been very good, and the “chef show” is always fun. We love this type of cooking (we lived in Japan for 4 years) and eat teppanyaki almost monthly at home, so there’s no novelty for us at WDW; we prefer to do things we don’t have at home - well-prepared French cuisine being one of them. Itadakimasu!


What do you do with your dog when or if you work? We have over 5 hibachi places with in 10 miles of my home but I can’t think of one French and I would still go with Teppan Edo. I agree with @missoverexcited mains don’t really appeal.

I work from home.

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There’s nothing like this anywhere near where I live.

I’m mostly a meat-in-sauce kind of a guy. Teppan Edo looks delicious from the pictures I’ve seen. I’ve had something similar and I’m excited to try it.

Monsieur Paul looks good, too, but I’ve had lots of meals like that and, as I say, many of my WDW ADR choices are broadly similar.

Besides, I need something to save for my trip next year!


Our little one comes with us most of the time but we will leave him home from time to time to shop or go out to dinner or the movies. We have left him in kennels from time to time once on a cruise, and that will never happen again. We took him with us to UVO and SW he was fine there but he will stay with family this time.

I’m with you on this.

I would have to say no to this. They are both equally excellent for what they are. MP offers a very well prepared classic French cuisine from the recipes of the great Chef Paul Bocuse (therefore the name Monsieur Paul). The service is top-notch. V&A is very high-end contemporary cuisine, often using unusual (or at least very high end) ingredients, elaborate preparations, exquisite presentations, and a level of personalized service that is unparalleled. If you’ve ever watched Iron Chef on TV, that’s the kind of cooking you’ll find at V&A. V&A is a “once or twice in a lifetime” sort of experience (at least or me); I could eat at MP every trip (if there weren’t so many other good options).

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But would you agree that if you do V&A on a trip, you can safely skip MP and do TE instead?

I haven’t done any of them, but in my mind VA and MP are more similar in experience than VA and TE. If you’re looking to mix it up, I think adding TE is the way to go.

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We loved Teppan Edo on our last trip and it was one of the restaurants we had to repeat for this upcoming trip! I think you’ll really like it. Be sure to add some sushi or edamame as an appetizer!

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V&A and MP are both rooted in Western cooking traditions. TE is definitely an Eastern cooking tradition. TE is “more different” from V&A than is MP.