Teppan Edo Group of 9


We are a group of 9 travelling to DW the end of March. We are considering Teppan Edo but I am wondering if they can accomadate a group of 9 at one table?

Thank you for your help!

I think just. 8 for sure but I would bet you could get 9 at one table and you all would fill it up. To be on the safe side I would call ahead to make sure.

There are 8 seats. They might be able to squeeze in a little one but I haven’t seen it done myself. We’ve only been twice though.

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Definitely do this! The thread below from DisBoards appears to confirm that other groups have had as many as 11 squeezed in at a single table that is designed for 8, but the thread is 4 years old. Go ahead and make the reservation for 9 and then call to see if they’ll seat you together. I can’t imagine why they wouldn’t.

Thank you all!! I will make it and call ahead as suggested. There are 5 kids in this group so I would think they would be able to squeeze that extra seat in! Fingers crossed!

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We had 11 one trip. DH and I (being generally awesome grandparents) took the 4 kids with us while the 5 parents got their own adult table.


So our reservations 3 years ago were for 8 but only 7 people ended up making dinner that night. We ended up waiting a bit because they added another couple from the waitlist to our table. So from experience they will seat 9 together. It may require a phone call. :woman_shrugging:


We were able to make a reservation for 9 people no problem last March there.


Thank you everyone!!