Tepan Edo Seating Question

Quick simple question, I think at least. We have 2 reservations currently at Tepan Edo in Oct. One at 440 and the other 8pm. We need to cancel one, but the question is we only want to eat here if we are guaranteed the chef at the table. Are we guaranteed with a reservation? If not, do you think it would be easier to get it at the 440 or 8pm. All help appreciated. Thank you.

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My understanding is that there is a chef at every table.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been to TE (so the information I have may be dated) but as I remember there were several beautiful wood separated rooms each with a grill in the middle. You are seated in high chairs (like bar stools but comfortable) around the grill and watch the chef do his magic.
All seated guests are around the grill and watch the chef work. So there really is no way you’d miss him, just choose the hour that works better for you! Enjoy!!

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Thanks very much. The reason I asked is because last year friends of ours went in without a reservation and ended up just sitting at a table without. Maybe because they didn’t have a reservation. Well this is good info.

Are you positive they ate at Teppan Edo? Tokyo Dining is also in Japan and is not Hibachi style - I wonder if they ended up at Tokyo Dining and got confused? Looking at pictures, I can’t find any Teppan Edo tables without a Hibachi Grill.

Tokyo Dining was very good when we ate there and had some nice view potential for Illuminations as well…


All Teppan Edo tables have a chef that cooks in front of you. If your friends didn’t have this, they didn’t eat at Teppan Edo. Like @Damavs said, it’s likely that Teppan Edo was full and your friends were offered a table at Tokyo Dining instead. This is on the same floor as Teppan Edo, but has a completely different menu, and no visible chef. :slight_smile:


All tables at TE are teppanyaki tables. Tokyo Dining is traditional seating.