Tentative Plan, K, so

to WDW in Nov’21 with my amazing sister to celebrate her birthday. The plan currently:
Nov14: DME to POP; stash luggage and go to EP; use TP to ride what we can and nosh around F&W
Nov15: MK ; RD with TP; ADR BOG
Nov 16: HS: 0700 lottery for ROTR BG; RD with TP; ADR Oga’s (maybe hop to EP for more F&W in the evening)
Nov 17: AK: RD FOP, trust in TP to guide the rest of the day; (maybe bus to POLY to see if we can get into Trader Sam’s)
Nov 18: EP: 0700 lottery for the Rat; RD TT; Use TP; ADR ? Space 220
Nov 19: DS then back to the real world

Sis will have a car as she is arriving from a closer location. We haven’t decided about purchasing Genie+. It would mean less $$ for dining.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

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Looks like a solid plan to me. If I were going to add G+ anywhere it would be to your MK and HS days. $30 there might save you enough time in lines to be worth it while not costing too much from your budget.