Telling the Kids

I’ve been planning a short December trip since October and finally told the kids last weekend. They love Survivor and watching the puzzles, so I made them crack a cipher code based on several different books. My DD8’s books were all travel or Disney based and my DD14 were just her favorite books.

Once they cracked the code and got all the letters, they had assemble the letters into a phrase. One was “Start the Countdown” and the other was “Merry Early Christmas”.

Then I gave them little gift bags with their magic bands inside and a note that told them the day we are leaving. Plus a folder with TPs printed out for review. (Both kids are planners - they take after me ha ha)

Joy and happy tears :slight_smile: And a little miffed I told them so late.


How fun!! We leave tomorrow and I still haven’t told mine! :star_struck::laughing:


My kind of kids :smiley:

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That’s a fun way to do it! Playing off their love of something “not” Disney is creative.

We have a surprise trip planned for our kids over Christmas week. They don’t think they get to go back until “COVID is over”. Still trying to nail the details on how to tell them, but we aren’t saying anything until the night before so they have time to pack.


Dont! We took a road trip in a travel trailer once with all 3. Stopped at some places for a few days along the way. We told them we were going to the beach one morning and when they saw that Disney sign the youngest 2 practically flew out the car! They said that was the best surprise they ever had. Oldest DS knew, he was much older, lol. No hiding it from him. We suprised them yet again by flying DGma down. They hadnt seen her in several months. Out of all of our trips, that was everyones favorite hands down.


Ha! I did something very similar several years ago! Nice job! :slight_smile:

That’s amazing. I am terrible at keeping surprises secret. Love it!

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The kids and DH hate that Im so good at it. But I also keep it to myself, lol. My kids would brag they had a secret. The key is to show disinterest in learning said secret. And bam! Their spilling it!

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We did a surprise trip for our 8 yo grandniece who thought we were going on a non-Disney trip. We didn’t tell her until we were driving up to the Boardwalk.

She was so mad. :rage: But not as mad as when she saw her mom and grandma walking thru the Boardwalk lobby to meet us. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: (They had flown to Disney the day before.)

Lesson learned. Surprises backfire in a big way with this kid. :rofl: Many years later we still chuckle and she still steams at mention of this fun surprise.