Telling the kids today. ..can't wait

Sorry itching to tell someone…Have set my 7 and 8 year old a treasure hunt which spells out…happy Xmas. …in 152 sleeps…we are going. …and then have wrapped up a couple of pairs of mickey ears. Hopefully they will figure it out. They have seen me read the books and planning but I have told them it’s for 2 or 3 years time when we can afford it …oh no it isn’t!
Have had so much fun planning so far thanks for all your tips and merry Xmas
4 hours and counting…


How did it go? That is great! Merry Christmas!

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It went really well thank you…only one problem. …I have been planing for years in my head but the kids don’t really know much about Disney world lol so whilst they were really happy to be going on holiday and I have showed them the villa we are staying in…they don’t quite get it. …if that makes sense? They were more excited to day I was a naughty mummy and taking them out of school for a few days eekkkl!
I will get my son involved in the planning he will love it


Disney World has a free vacation planner CD you can send for if you have the time. It is also online and god knows there must be thousands of WDW books and such in the bookstores so after viewing or reading one of these they will get the picture bigtime.

Thanks do hopper i know when they start looking at YouTube videos it won’t take long for the excitement to build. I have requested a dvd before but it never arrived and I have been planning so much it’s probably not necessary now the far down the line
They have had lots of lovely presents so it was overload …note to self. …there is only so much excitement a kid can take at Xmas lol

I think they stopped sending out the DVD’s. I hope your family enjoys their trip.

I just went through the links in this forum thread:

I just ordered a DVD!

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