Tell us about lightning McQueen!

Whoever is in HS the next few days please give feedback. TP is saying a 39 minute wait no matter where I put it. I know it’s a random guess but I’d like to know what the waits are like. How dies te Cruz Ramirez M&G work? I’m thinking that’s a long line if the entire theater goes to it??



Wait times aren’t showing in TP or MDE so very curious what the wait is like. had a story about it but did not discuss wait times. It did say the show is 10 minutes, runs continously, and offers no fastpass. I wonder how many people the theater holds.

Anyone been today?

There was a report on chat. Not a very positive one.

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Thanks! I found the chat!

My HS day was almost unmanegable even before the GE announcement. I think I’ll just take this right off.

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One thing I also found out.

There was some discussion as to why TP had the times as every 50 minutes in another thread about it. Someone over on WDWMagic posted a picture of the Times Guide for the park today - it was the DJ party outside the show building that was every 40 or 50 minutes through the day.

The actual show is around 10 minutes, with about 10 minutes to “load” the theatre. Now how that actually works I’m not sure, whether it’s like Muppet Vision with a holding room, and it’s 10 minutes in there and getting into your seat.

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Yes. I removed it.

I’m so disappointed to learn that it’s not interactive like Turtle Talk! We love Turtle Talk and were really hoping for a similar feel. Oh well, like @chrystalturner said, one less thing to try and squeeze in.

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I’ve seen a bit more on chat but still looking for more opinions. Also are the wait times just about 10 minutes?

I’m curious too - the 45 min estimate in my plan is really throwing things off

Might got adjusted yesterday to 12 minutes. Did you evaluate today?

Although now I’m seeing 40 min waits in lines. I’m putting it in my plan with a note to do a different show if lines long.