Tell me why I'm wrong — if I am

I have a trip booked for October. I really want to cancel it.

  1. I had a trip booked for June. I cancelled it. I felt a huge wave of relief when I did so. Why? I hate uncertainty. I’d rather know I was definitely not going than not be sure whether I was going or not.

  2. These are uncertain economic times. I’m a private tutor. The UK government cancelled all public exams. So no-one needs a tutor right now. I fared better than a lot of tutors — well over half of my students kept me on — but my income is unstable and not guaranteed. Additionally I am entitled to zero government support. I’m on my own.

  3. I’ve taken five trips since (and including) August 2017. I feel like I’ve lost a little of that early magic. Maybe a break from WDW will help it come back. Maybe I’ve become spoilt.

  4. WDW and CMs are absolutely entitled to require themselves and guests to wear masks. No argument from me about that. But I want no part of it. It’s ghoulish and antithetical to the Kingdom being Magical. For me. YMMV. That’s my choice. I’m not complaining. I’m simply stating where I am.

So I’m really feeling like I want to cancel the hotel and the extras. Added to the money I’d put aside to cover costs during the trip (food and transportation) I’d be up about $3,000, which is about a month’s income for me. (Well, pre-Covid.)

I would be left with two 14 day park hopper tickets that are valid till the end of next year. And a UOR AP that hasn’t been activated yet. I also have an open airline ticket with Virgin Atlantic. So I could do a trip next year some time and would “only” need to pay for accommodations, food and transportation (by which I mean Ubers). Presumably in a year’s time we’ll have a much better idea what the hell is going on.

My flight tickets for October are non-refundable. I could keep them so that there’s always the possibility to change my mind nearer the time. I’m sure there’ll be affordable accommodations somewhere in Orlando in the second half of October. It could even be quite last minute. My personal finances would be a lot clearer then, too. (I have a friend who owns a house in Orlando. If it really came to it, I could probably stay there.)

I just hate not knowing (a) if I’m going at all and (b) what it will be like if I do go (in terms of diminished experience). I think I’d feel a lot more comfortable with more money in the bank and the certainty that I’m not going.

So I’m really close to cancelling right now.

Tell me why I shouldn’t. If I shouldn’t.


That’s a very personal decision so not sure how I can help with it.

I also have a trip planned for October. In the current state of the world, it is hard to plan for more than a couple weeks out at a time (everything changes quickly these dsys) so I’m not prepared to make final decisions for October yet.

I know the October trip is out there, but I’m choosing to not think about it until I need to.


My brain isn’t very good at that.

Are you eligible for a future credit? What if the flight is cancelled - will they refund you?

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Legally, if they cancel the flight I’m entitled to a full refund. They’ve been trying to get out of this by offering people flight vouchers. You’d be dumb to accept one. (Spoiler: I accepted a voucher for my June flight.) They are currently quoting three month processing times on refunds.


Based on your reasoning and feelings and the part of your financial situation you’re willing to share, I believe cancelling is a good decision. Like you said, you could always do a last minute trip, which may even be spontaneous and fun. As it stands now, it’s just dragging you down.


Sold! To the pretty lady in the white top.

Trip cancelled.


Good for you! You’re going to sleep like a baby tonight!


I think once you got here, you would have a good time. But you have been struggling with this trip for some time, that if I were you, I would cancel and just wait until I could go when I wouldn’t go into it with ill feelings.

So, I would say cancel, if you pressured me for an answer.

I guess I’m too late. It would probably be mean of me to tell you you’re making a huge mistake canceling. :smile:

Just kidding! If you have uncertainty about everything you listed, then canceling is the right choice. I’m not sure about a December trip. I really want to go, but I also don’t want to deal with masks or new line rules causing upsets to my trip. I’m a very impatient person, so if I have to wait in long lines that would not be very magical.

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I had a trip for October that I cancelled. The reasons not to go out weighed the reasons to go for us. I have some flights good through next year, so hopefully will go then. Can’t say I feel better though! Such a bummer either way, but didn’t make sense for us to go either with everything going on. Good luck deciding!

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I have trips planned for Sept, Dec, and April. But I can quite easily cancel, based on how this all plays out. And I do not have to fly international, indeed I could even drive to Florida, and I’ve considered this in my thinking. I and DD22 have APs which will be extended so that is zero new cost. And we are happy to eat cheap at WDW, since we have DVC rooms with kitchens. I’m also lucky (so far) on our family finances.

Were any of those factors not the case, I would not schedule or plan AT ALL for a Disney vacation. So if I were you, I would hold off, for certain. If that helps.


I learned my lesson from my May cruise that didn’t get cancelled until 4 weeks before - the 6 weeks from when the pandemic began until I got the confirmation email from DCL that it was cancelled were much more stressful than they needed to be. I would have been so much more at ease if I had no vacation planned, but mostly because it was non-refundable!

I have already rescheduled for next May, but this time I will not make that final payment, and I will completely bail, if Disney is not already running cruises by February when the payment is due. Also I want to be fairly sure that they aren’t going to shut down again. In short, I need to see the pudding before I stick my thumb in it (mixing metaphors like crazy here). But that doesn’t mean I’m not planning! Just not going to risk any money without much more certainty than I have now.


I have a cruise scheduled for next May —my 60th birthday celebration! - but have paid only the deposit and won’t pay a penny more until this all sorts out


I totally support your decision to cancel. The uncertainty of things is causing me major anxiety, so if I were in your shoes, I’d cancel. I’m not sure about the airfare situation, but everything else in your plan can be scheduled at a later time when things are more certain. Sending positive thoughts your way:)


Well crap. I had a great answer prepared: I’m not the droid you’re looking for - the company DH was working for, few decades ago, went bankrupt, no job, but we went to Europe anyway; trip was paid for.

But then we do that crazy kind of stuff fairly regularly.

But, my go to answer is: which will you regret more, cancelling or not? (Kind of non answer).

You’ll have to let us know in October, maybe.

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If the mask thing really is a deal breaker, I think cancelling was definitely a good call.

Unless a miracle happens between now and then (and I’ll keep praying for one!), I think the odds are slim to none that there won’t be a mask requirement if WDW is open in October. Strong chance flu/Covid season will be ramping back up by then at least in parts of the US even if we get a reprieve this summer.


I think I need to push back my August trip. I work but the parks may only be partially open and my husband has diabetes that puts him in a higher risk level.


I would cancel. I think you would compare this trip to your past ones and be disappointed and let down. With the uncertainty of your income, I’d put that trip money into savings and go at a later time. I don’t plan on going back until things get back to the old normal. Or at least as close to the old normal as possible with face character meets, character meals, fireworks, etc. And no masks. Having gone to Disney at least once a year for the past five years, hitting F&W, Flower and Garden, Spring Break, Halloween, and Christmas times, I hadn’t planned on going back until December 2024.


I think you were right to cancel. If they required masks, I wouldn’t want to go. Disney is just so expensive, I’d need all the Magic to make it worthwhile. DH has asthma and has serious problems breathing while wearing a mask. I also can’t imagine enjoying myself while worrying about money. I am frugal while on trips. But, if I thought that the essentials of life might not be covered in the next few months, I just couldn’t enjoy myself.