Tell me which plan to use at HS!

Well, I’ve got ANOTHER round of HS questions for all you smart folks. (why do I want to use y’all when I’m writing on here? I’m from MN!)
I know I’ve asked before about HS, but I got a new ADR this morning, and it’s really making me rethink everything. I’m getting NOTHING from the family. “Whatever you think. We’ll have fun no matter what”. So, I need someone to give me some feedback.

Here’s the story. We’ll be at HS our first day (12/8), after a night at BWV. We’ll plan to RD SDD since I haven’t been able to snag a fastpass. If I get one, all of these plans are up in the air. I expect we’ll be middle of the pack. We can get there early-ish, but won’t be fast walking back.

I have a 4:20 reservation for Sci-Fi, and just snagged an 11:30 reservation for Trattoria al Forno. I want to drop one of them… but which one? We have a 10 year old boy and (will be) 6 year old girl. She was very shy with the princesses 2 years ago, but might be better this time. We’ve been teasing him about the “smolder” for a week or two, and he thinks that’s hilarious. This would be our only character meal. The food there looks amazing.
On the other hand, I think we’d all enjoy Sci-Fi’s atmosphere. Not having to hike back to BW (saving what, 2 miles of walking?!) would certainly be nice. Maybe we could do some more shows if we stay in the park.

My current fastpasses align with the Sci-Fi dinner… This would be our plan:

However, I think it would be relatively easy to rearrange and go with one of these two:

I’m not sure I have a strong pull to either of the last two… will my kids need “warming up” before going on the big rides? Neither one has done ToT or RnR.

Anyway, what else should I consider, here? Do any of you see holes or reasons I should do one of these three, over the others? Really, I just need some discussion… I’m not getting any at home. :smiley:
Thank you for being my “talk it out” people!

We eat at Sci fi every trip, it is my kids’ favorite place. I like Trattoria too, but my kids would choose Sci Fi. Plus having Sci Fi there in the park instead of having to travel back and forth to the BW seems like a winning plan.
We will be in HS that day as well. Have fun!

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My son was practicing the smolder again, last night. I think he’s secretly excited for that meal. It’s so funny watching him try to look not angry.