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I’ve seen and heard people talking about portable misting fans. I’ve seen them in Walmart for around $10 I would need to get 2 or 3 so $30 seems a bit much. Yesterday I was on my way to check out at Walmart and I saw these with no price, and after 5 minutes of thinking and looking for a price I figured I’d bring them to the register and ask how much.

I don’t have little kids but at $3 how could I pass them up? And when it comes to Disney we are all kids at heart (or at least I am). They had 2 other ones Toy Story and Disney Princesses and DD HATES FROZEN (I know blasphemy) so she is SOL.

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Hey, that’s a great price. I’ve been known to put ice and water in those things…

And my DD hates Frozen, too. :slight_smile:

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Are they battery powered? From the looks of it in the image, they look hand-powered instead of battery powered, which might explain the price. Hopefully they will hold up.

We are not Wal-Mart shoppers (actually, we sort of have a personal boycott against them due to so many horrible experiences with them) so I don’t know about the quality of such stuff, but Target has a bargain section in the front with $1/$3/$5 items often. Some of those items are cheap…because they only last a very short time. I’d be afraid that these might fall into that category (as in, they might not last the trip).

IF they do, it is truly a bargain!

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So do we for the same reason.

They are battery operated and they work fine I tested them when I got home. But only time will tell how they hold up. I boycotted them for several years and the one in the next town we won’t go to.