Tell Me What I've Missed

…'cause we’re going to Disney World a lot earlier than previously planned!

I let my subscription expire in December 2018 because our trip was over and I needed to NOT focus on this forum, ha. I’ve missed keeping up with all of your trips and the latest news, but it’s a lot easier to not engage (i.e. waste time I don’t have) when I don’t have a subscription. :wink:

To make a long story short, due to covid and our expiring visas, we left our home in Russia on March 17th with two days’ notice, stayed in Istanbul for almost two months (almost going crazy due to super severe lockdown restrictions), and now are back in the States until Russia opens their borders and we can go home. We were originally planning on doing WDW again in January 2022 but since we’re here, we already have a trip planned to the Orlando area for a speaking engagement, WDW crowds are low now and will likely be insane in 2021 and 2022, and to be quite frank, we need a pick-me-up, we’ve decided to go to WDW in October if we are, indeed, still stuck in America. We told our girls on Sunday and they are very excited to have something to look forward to after almost 5 months of only looking at “how long before we can go home?”

So…please fill me in on what’s new in the last 18 months or so. I know RotR is open and is a big deal, supposedly the best ride in Florida. Would my girls, ages 6, 8, and 10 like it if they’ve never seen Star Wars? We plan on MMRR and every other ride in HS except Star Tours, which makes us sick. MK: No Peoplemover AND no train? Such a bummer. Is the Riverboat running? I think this is a yes. Epcot…no news as to when Remy’s ride will open, right? AK…I think nothing has changed here except we’ll get to ride KRR since we went in December last time.

Are there any other updates? I know about the shortened hours and no fireworks or parades or character meet and greets. We’ll be staying at the Wyndham Bonnet Creek timeshare side. Any suggestions for a couple of TS meals that are kid-friendly? I think last time we did all character meals or QS.


Welcome back!


Sounds like you’ve got most things covered!

Your kids will probably live SWGE! I’m biased (as a huge Star Wars fan) but it is very immersive and easy to follow the story.

Everything else you said is accurate to my eye.

Good luck planning your trip!


Thank you!

I heard a rumor that Remys may open in October. :crossed_fingers:t3:


Oh! Yay for you. A pick me up will be wonderful!

Was Toy Story Land in full swing on your last trip? That’s my fave.


I’m not even sure what is and isn’t open right now. Surely someone will pop in!!!


TSL was open…we got two rides on SDD and one on TSMM. We didn’t do AS2. I think we’re going to have to wait to see what crowds do…honestly I think I’d rather not stress about RotR (I mean, if we get to ride then great, if not, no biggie) and do all the other things. I still have some little girls…they are so excited for SDD again!


I guess a girl can dream for early October!

Welcome back! Fab to have a WDW trip planned!


I can imagine very young girls finding ROTR quite scary.

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Welcome back. I cannot believe it’s been that long since you posted on the forum!
Nothing to add, except, yes the Riverboat is running. :slight_smile:

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We went in January. Our 7 year old (Star Wars fan) loved ROTR and all of SWGE. Our 4 year old (not a fan) enjoyed it still (especially the treats lol in SWGE) and was not afraid on ROTR. It is a very immersive ride. Hard not to get sucked in. They explain enough that you understand what is going on even if you haven’t seen the movies.

You can also see a list of recently closed attractions and one scheduled for refurbishment here:

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Some girls, mine was fearless when little!


Sounds like you got the basics.


@Randall1028 that’s exactly what I was thinking.


Ooh that’s good to know! My girls are all about the roller coasters but they don’t want to do Haunted Mansion again, haha. I think we’ll try for a BG but not freak out if it doesn’t happen. Seems like the best way to go this time!

I know you said DH didn’t like Star Tours, but I hope you guys try millennium falcon. We loved that.

Oh for sure we’ll try the new ones! I think we’re even going to do FoP again for DD10…she loves it. The rest of us could pass but we’ll do it for her. :slightly_smiling_face: