Tell me more about A Pirate's Adventure

I’m trying to fit A Pirate’s Adventure into one of our Touring Plans but I’m not really sure the best way to add it. When you add A Pirate’s Adventure it gives you an allotment of 15 minutes. But I don’t know how many times I need to add this in to complete a round.
My understanding is you get a mission and there are a handful of “tasks” to complete and then the mission is over. In addition, it sounds like there are 5 different missions.
So, is each 15 minute block a task within one mission or is the 15 minute block the amount of time to complete one full mission? While it sounds like you could just do one mission and then be done, does the game somehow prompt you to try to complete more missions? Are the missions all so similar it doesn’t matter unless you are SUPER into it?
I’m trying to figure out how much time I should set aside considering we’ve never played the game and the kids are 4 & 6. Thanks in advance!

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I don’t have actual answers, but am in the same boat. I assumed it was 15 min to complete a mission in total, so I added five over the course of our stay. Interested to hear from others.

Each mission takes about 15 minutes. I would say that the missions are all different and there is a “finale” when you complete all 5. They are fun for my boys (3&5) and they felt all the missions were different. I felt they were similar enough that you could play only 1 mission if you don’t have time for more. If you have extra time and your kids love the game, then you can play all of them. I don’t think you will know until you try if they are going to be into it.

Here’s how it works: You check in at the main “hut” (with a magic band and entering the number of people in your group), get oriented by a CM and are given a map with directs of where to start. The map includes Adventureland and the Pirate Adventure "stations"are coded with symbols. So you are told what symbol to look for, you find it on the map, then go to the corresponding location in Adventureland where you tap your magic band on the symbol, and a short audio/visual/animatronic thing happens, followed by the revelation of the next symbol to head for. You then find the next symbol on your map, head to that location, etc, repeat for about 3-5 iterations until you get to the finale, a slightly more interesting audio/animatronic thing. Honestly, the park was loud so we had a very difficult time hearing and following the “storyline” of the adventure/quest that we were supposed to complete, but at night time with the lights and things it was very fun for my boys (also 3&5). With small ones it probably took closer to 20 minutes, and that was enough, they were ready to move onto the next thing. There was certainly no overwhelming “teaser” component enticing you to complete more and more adventures.
It was fun, my 5 year old liked it but the whole concept was a little over both kids’ heads. I would do it with kids again, or I’d consider doing it by myself at night just for fun.