Tell me I'm crazy - or maybe I'm not. 3 night USF and WDW split stay

Okay y’all - this is an adults only trip. Two couples, all in our mid 30s (so we prefer to consider ourselves young and spritely). We have one birthday girl whose top priorities are WWoHP and F&G. We have two husbands who are willing but reluctant theme park goers (One has categorically learned to suck it up after a mid-hub argument on a trip last year. The other has never been… so we need to suck him in.) Both wives (me and the birthday girl) are teachers. So our travel date options are limited (the irony that those who make so little $ can only travel during peak times is not lost on me).

Originally, we were going to use some spring break days to do one park to park WWoHP, one resort day, and one EP day for F&G. However, the sticker shock is real (and I’m used to some Orlando sticker shock). We can get a lot more for our $$ if we do a weekend in May.

That means . . . fly down on a Friday and check in to a premier at USF (we would not get to stay at a premier or purchase express if we did spring break). Leave bags at bell services on Saturday morning and go to the parks. After a day at the parks, walk back to the hotel uber over to the Dolphin (both guys have marriott membership). Do Sunday at Epcot. Spend the morning of Monday relaxing, going to the pool, etc. Take a late afternoon flight home.

Will the picking up of bags and uber at the end of UOR/IOA day just feel like to much? I’m hoping no because we’ll be walking or water taxi-ing to our hotel so we don’t have to double uber. Also, thinking we will definitely early entry, but maybe with Express pass we won’t have to stay all the way to closing?

A little worried about two early park days in a row with a hotel switch in the middle . . . but EP isn’t a particularly early start. We would ILL Remy and FEA. So we wouldn’t need to be super front of pack - would head toward TT or Soarin’ first.

Need your thoughts :slight_smile:


For an adults only trip totally doable, just did the same thing, same hotels in December, so much fun. You really need to do the hotel switch to get all the perks at each park.

Sounds fun! It’s all about your personality. Our family wants to get as much in as possible and will forgo sleep and breaks to get as much in as possible. With an express pass and early entry, you can do all of HP at both parks and more!
We stayed at Disney and did a one day 2 park trip to Universal and it was awesome. Only wish we could’ve stayed longer!
Only question on the split stay is if it’s a better deal to stay one night for express pass rather than stay at Swan both nights and pay for express pass and Uber day trip to Universal


Just my opinion, but I personally would stick to just Disney or just UOR, but not both. Not just because it saves money, but because it allows you relax and take it all in more rather than feeling the need to rush. In fact, staying at Dolphin would make it a great HS and EP only trip, being able to walk to both parks. Also, you wouldn’t have to deal with a resort switch.

We love both UOR and WDW…but for an adults only couples trip? I would hate to short change both UOR and WDW just to do both.

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I agree that this is doable as an adults only trip. Its definitely cramming a lot in, but since it’s only two days at the park (and Epcot is much more relaxed and opens later), you can have a great weekend doing this. Plus the weather in May is great!

It’s totally doable!! I did something similar last may. Theme park early days are way better than real life early days :wink:

The walk from the universal parks to the hotel is a breeze as well. A relaxing end to the day.

Do this crazy stuff while you’re still young :rofl:

I think it’s a really good plan and totally doable for 2 days of all out fun. I don’t think you’d have to worry much about the UOR hotel bc isn’t the perk that they are easy to get to the parks without having to uber? Hard Rock I think is the closest walk to the park gates. Doing UOR first and then the slower, laid back Epcot day sounds like the right order too.

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In December, a friend and I did a Friday night OI meet-up. It didn’t start until 5:00 PM, but we were in the parks until 1:00 AM. The next day I got up at 7:00 to buy ILL for Remy and FEA, but then we leisurely checked out and uber’d to AKL then went to Epcot. We had 1:00 PM convention tix so that’s when we went into the park. It worked great! We didn’t hit all of the rides, but we did get all the way around WS and watched the CP and had a great view of Harmonious.

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Oooh that’s an excellent way to say a little $ on the trip and you won’t miss too many hours in the park either.

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Or…get one hotel room in all four names at UOR, then stay at Swolfin. That gives you express passes for Saturday at what I’m guessing would be a LOT cheaper than a la carte. We have done the “throwaway” room twice, one time they even saw us coming (who else checks in with 4 people at 5:45 am with no luggage?) and offered us JUST a parlor from a parlor suite for $99. Was a perfect place for a mid-afternoon break off our feet, and we weren’t sleeping there anyway! I don’t expect to get that again, but I certainly wouldn’t complain if I did!