Tell Me I’m Wrong Part 1

April 2nd - April 9th 2022 vs Feb 19 - 26 2022. Spring Break time but two- weeks before Easter and after college Spring Breaks in March vs the week of President’s Day. Crowd calendar just doesn’t help me as I’m making the assumption Covid crowds will be behind us. Leaning heavily towards the April dates.


I would take my chances with April for exactly the reasons you laid out. The past couple of years have seen heavy crowds in what had been quieter times in Jan/Feb. There may be a lull between spring breaks and you get lucky.

It appears they have updated the crowd calendar for 2022 assuming business as usual. If accurate, the week of President’s Day is going to be a nightmare and the week of April 3rd will be light to moderate crowds. Looks like I may be able to thread the needle (knock on wood).

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Booked. For those curious, we booked the Royal Sabal for April 2nd - April 9th for a tick under $2,300. Thanks to all who responded!

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