Tell me all the things about CR and BLT-

I’m heading down in Late January for a split stay. I have a two night stay at a garden view at CR and then head to BLT on our DVC points for 4 nights and then one night at Beach club. We’re staying in studios for all them.
I’ve never in my life stayed at CR, and just in general its probably my least favorite resort but I was astounded that a Studio was available the dates we were going so I scooped it up for the proximity of MK and monorail access. But honestly, I know nothing. I didn’t even know that “garden rooms” weren’t in the big building ( I didn’t even know there were other buildings!).
So anyways, our first night will just be flying in, and hotel room and bed. Saturday is going to be HS day, and Sunday I plan on Early Entry to MK, then heading back to move our stuff to BLT.
Tell me about the resort itself- Pool situation, quick service (I’ve heard you have to walk to CR from BLT to get any food??) monorail to epcot (do we have to transfer at TTC?) and just how you like this resort overall- goods and bads. I’m kinda excited, but also have no idea what to expect (except a glorious ability to WALK to MK every day if I want to).
Also, does CR and BLT have two separate check in areas and Guest services? Can we use all the pools? do we have to walk to CR for buses? anything else I’m missing??


I’m curious about this too. I grabbed a night at BLT and never stayed there before either

I have not stayed at CR but I have stayed at BLT. Bell Services and all food (especially now with TotW closed) is at CR. There is a bridge that connects the two. I checked in at the desk in the lobby of BLT. What view at BLT?

Yes, you change monorail lines at TTC. There is a coffee kiosk on the ground floor at CR, and Steakhouse 71, shops and restaurants on higher levels.

There are two pools- nothing fancy but the location and view are the real benefits.

Is there parking near BLT checkin too? I know the gate guard will direct me to but I thought I’d ask. We have a TPV that I’m really excited about b/c there is a Xmas party that night and I believe I’ll get to watch fireworks twice from the room :partying_face: :partying_face:

I believe I have a lake view.

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I flew down for a quick, 1 night stay when Fireworks came back earlier this year and stayed the night at a garden view room. I absolutely loved it!.
The room was spacious, quiet but easy to walk to the main hotel (there is a covered but open walkway to get from the garden suites to the main building. This was before the rennovations but I would easily stay there again. I loved the bathroom - one of my pet peeves is when the towels are hung on a rack over the toilet and this bathroom was spacious and separate towel storage (it’s the little things :slight_smile: )


I liked the garden wing when we stayed there too. It was so nice and quiet yet close to everything.


BLT owner here.

Whilst at BLT you can also use the Contemporary pools. The BLT one is only for BLT guests. I like it, it’s on the small side but shouldn’t be a problem in January.

Buses are shared, walk to Contemporary from BLT front door and you’ll come to the bus stops first.

For getting to Contemporary for food and monorail, use the elevated walkway. 5th floor BLT to 4th floor (concourse level with shops & monorail) on Contemp side. Good place to watch fireworks from. The walkway on the BLT side is right beside the south elevators.

I like the pool at the Contemporary right by Bay Lake, it’s always quiet. But it is a bit of a hike back to BLT.

Movies happen in the garden between Contemp and BLT. Boats around Bay Lake not running yet. And there’s a community hall at BLT if you have kids. Go up to TOTWL if it’s open, make sure to take a look out of the smaller Terrace on the Bay Lake side.

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Use the room finder to request a view that includes MK!

Room 8206- it was not what I requested but on check in they told me my requested room was not available but this was a similar view.


I’ve been knee deep in all of my planning for Dec that I’ve really forgotten to get excited about our one night BLT stay! Thanks for all the detail. I’m getting pumped!

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Sorry, I missed this. The guard had me pull into the lot on the left as you get to the guard gate. We were always able to find a spot relatively close to BLT.

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We’ve never stayed at BLT but booked a last minute Christmas trip at CR. Personally, I always thought the building looked like a toaster and never had an urge to stay. After experiencing the short walk to MK, it’s now one of our favorites. Staff were incredibly friendly, rooms were actually cleaned, one of the better quick service food options, beautifully decorated during the holidays, and a quick walk to MK with the shortest security line. The garden wing is directly behind the main building. We booked a Pirate Cruise on our arrival night, which had mixed reviews. Everyone loved watching the fireworks and snacks, but the younger ones refused to take character photos with Hook and Peter because the “real Tinker Bell” was not there. You do transfer at TTC, but do not have to go through security twice as you walk up a dedicated ramp. We like to hop to HS after Epcot, so we would take the boat between parks. It was much too cold to swim, but none of the pools compare to Yacht/BC.


I am very much looking forward to the magic kingdom walk in the morning for sure! Thanks for all the helpful tips, I’m sure I’ll be revisiting this post in a few weeks with more questions

Besides the bridge connecting CR to BLT, are there any firework viewing areas that any of you would recommend?

There is a balcony area with seating on the fourth (?) floor of the CR.

the elevator lobbies (BLT) have a good view if you don’t need to hear the music or don’t want the loud noises.


Thanks for the suggestions everyone, I appreciate it!

Bumping this up because I’m leaving Friday. So on Sunday I will be checking out of CR and checking in to Bay lake towers. I was looking at an online map and it looks as if each has its own different lobby/concierge area. So, effectively, I would walk my luggage over to bay lake tower and that’s where I’d have them hold my luggage until checkin, correct?
It’s just confusing to me because all of the other things are shared, I wasn’t sure if bay lakes lobby had guest services for luggage/groceries.

I believe I checked my luggage at CR for BLT.

We just stayed at BLT this past November and they do have their own Bell Services. They held our bags and brought them to our room, as our room wasn’t ready when we arrived.

I would walk my bags over to BLT when you check out of CR (as you said in your post). You could also probably have CR Bell Services transfer them for you, but you it may take some time to get them back.

Enjoy your stay; the location is amazing!