Tell me about your luck getting 7DMT & Frozen FPP 60 days out

So all my forum reading today is making me anxious about getting 7DMT and Frozen FPP’s. It seems like quite a lot of people went on as the FPP’s opened and still didn’t get them, or got them so much later in the day than hoping. I’d love to hear from others who did this and what times you got.

Had no issue.

Got 7D twice: first time in the evening on the second day of our trip, second time in the morning on the sixth day of our trip.

Got FEA late morning on the fifth day of our trip Did not try for any additional.

The one you really have to be worried about is FOP. Jump on that one first and if possible try for as late into your trip as you can.

We just passed our 60 day mark. My awesome Disney TA did our FP+ for us. She got us FOP on Day 5 @ 1:15, SDMT on Day 4 @ 10:05am, and FEA on Day 1 @ 1:10. She said in her experience you can usually get a FP for FOP if you try on Day 4/5 of a trip at the earliest. I’m so glad we got it!

Have always gotten an evening 7DMT FPP, even booking 30 days out offsite. Wouldn’t worry about that one. I have to note though, once was really close to the fireworks so we had to do a buffalo stampede from 7DMT to the castle.
FEA was a bit more tricky but I managed a pass on the day off. Don’t give up and good luck to you!

I had no problems at all at 60 days. Got FoP for both day 5 and 6, 7DMT day 2, went for TT day 3 (no FEA). I was all nervous, going the week of 4/8, so right after the big spring break crowds. Got up at 4am pacific, back in bed by 4:30 with the whole 6 day trip booked. Just have an outline of what you want and go for it.

I seriously freaked out when I found out I would not get our military tickets until past the 60 day window, but then they finally came (45 days out) I had no trouble getting either 7DMT or FEA. What a relief. You should be just fine.

I got FEA for our first day in the morning so I wouldn’t be worried. 7DMT I got for our fifth day in the morning (didn’t try to get it for sooner in the trip).
I also got FOA for our fourth day around 1pm (earliest I could get) and I tried for that FP first. So that is definitely the hardest to get.
Oh and I was booking for 7 people and still got what I wanted! So there is hope!

I just did my FPs for 5 on Tuesday and had no issues with any of them, including FOP or 7dmt. We weren’t interested in FEA, but I did see availability on day 60+2. I was also able to easily modify my fastpasses to the exact times I wanted over the past 2 days. They were originally all within 20 minutes of what I wanted when I first booked them, but it was good practice and kind of fun to find the exact times I was looking for.

At 60 days, I got afternoon 7DMT for day 3 and evening FEA for day 5. There were plenty of early options for FEA, but I wanted the later. I got a early evening 7DMT for day 8 (again, wanting later time) and there were still plenty all day. Look at the FPP availability on the TP website prior to your booking day to avoid surprise.

We have honestly never had a problem at 60 days out. In fact, we’ve not had a problem getting either of them as 4th Fastpasses for the last couple of trips either (we’re a party of 3). Looking at 30 days out right now, there are 7DMT Fastpasses available for early evening, and Frozen has availability starting at lunchtime. You’ll be fine. :+1:

Fantastic thank you. It sounds like we should be fine. I’m counting down the days to our FPP day. I got all the ADR’s I wanted so fingers crossed for FPP’s. I’m becoming obsessed :slight_smile:

I got a party of 7 on 2 separate days of the trip at 30 days for 7DMT, both in the afternoon (around 3.30-4) last summer, and got FEA on one day in the early afternoon around lunchtime.

I’ve never had a problem getting anything. We’re going to be at WDW for Spring Break this year and I was nervous because it’s a high crowd time but I got everything I wanted: Flight of Passage, &DMT and Frozen. No sweat.

***Just a tip that I noticed: If you don’t see the time you want, there’s a place to click that says something like “View Details and More Times” and it opens up available slots for the whole day!!

I think that a small percentage is actually online when the window opens up. I would guess that a second “group” logs in when Disney sends out that reminder email later in the day saying “It’s Time To Book Your Fastpasses.”

This is our third trip and we’ve always gotten everything we wanted, by doing it right when the window opens. Best of luck to you. I’m sure you’ll get them.