Tell me about your favourite counter service park breakfasts are please

Tell me about your favorite/recommended counter service park breakfasts are please

France pavilion qs is good at Epcot. Yak &yeti qs has a good breakfast burrito at AK

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Sleepy Hollow waffles are delicious!

And I know you asked specifically about in the park, but this brought me to Beach Club vs Yacht Club. Beach Club breakfast options are limited. Yacht Club has a larger variety breakfast offering.


Thanks, Did you walk to or from HS? I’ve heard the boats are always busy from HS, is this true?

We took the BOAT from HS to Beach Club. It did not feel busy. It was before dark, so before park close & before Fantasmic.

We walked from Beach Club to mini golf with the intention of walking to HS from there. the CM at mini golf didn’t recommend it. So we Uber’d instead.

I didn’t know there was a bus from HS to BC, were the boats down?

I just edited. We took the boat. Not the bus. I don’t know if they offer a bus to HS. More than likely they do. BTW - buses were not my favorite part about BC. For all the $ you pay for deluxe, you’d think you wouldn’t have to wait so long. We ended up taking a bus to boardwalk one night from DS because the BC bus line was so bad.

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MK - Sleepy Hollow
HS - Joffrey’s cart (big pink donut)
EP - France or Norway (or Sunshine Seasons if they are serving breakfast)
AK - Starbucks

The quick service breakfast is definitely a shortcoming inside the parks. You’re staying at BC? At least you can get something hot at their marketplace.

Re: the side topic of boats to HS… We’ve done the walk from EP to HS, Boardwalk to HS, BC to HS. It never takes longer than 15 minutes and that’s from the furthest point, walking at a leisurely rate. I agree that walking from the mini golf was probably better by Uber because you’d need to back track past the Swan and loop around to the other walkway to head back to HS. So, it may have been a wash time-wise but you saved a few steps.


How long does it take to walk from BC to the minigolf please?

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breakfast burrito sounds interesting.

Big pink donut is going on my list too. I’ve been watching AJ and I’ve added keylime pie on a stick from Metroville neighborhood bakery at HS too.

The only park I spend mornings in so far has been MK and so I absolutely endorse Sleepy Hollow Inn. Getting a fresh-made waffle with toppings and then eating next to the castle is nothing short of magical. I just wish it was open PPO so it wasn’t the mad dash that it can be at opening.


The walk felt like it took forever. It’s probably 15-20 minutes easily.