Tell me about your favorite QS Epcot dinners!

Mods, Please close the thread. I asked that there be no tipping discussion since that can get out of hand, but of course that was stupid of me and it is likely to devolve. Thank you, and I’m sorry.

Shhhh…don’t say that word!:joy::joy:


hahahahaha oh my god no more :joy::joy:


By tip appropriately, you mean 15% of the bill, even though you only ordered one appetizer for a group of 8 and then sat and sipped water for 4 hours?

Laughing so hard. Thanks!> Blockquote

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Yeah, I actually wasn’t kidding. Nice.

You need to flag it to mods, they don’t read the threads. Use the flag under your original post.

In truth, you didn’t need to mention the t… word in your opening question. Because you did so in an amusing manner, people responded to it in kind. Sometimes the high jinx of chat, migrates over here, particularly at times when Liners are active on both. One can’t control or direct the answers to questions but I am sorry that you didn’t get an answer to the question you raised.

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I did. Thanks. I actually hadn’t realized I wouldn’t be able to just remove it myself.

Before it gets closed, any QS recs? I’m most interested to try Tangerine.

I know. I was trying to head it off at the pass by deflecting with humor and it backfired awkwardly. Welcome to my life! (I don’t mind the posts that were amused reactions, btw.)

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If you have a decent m.i. place where you live, Tangierene will more than likely be “just ok.” WDW ethnic food is pretty vanilla.