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We are planning a trip for Aug 2015 and are thinking of staying at WL in a bunk bed room. We have DD16 and DS5 (at the time of travel). We drive, and we have stayed at all of the monorail resorts. How are the rooms? How’s the QS restaurant? Transportation? What do you love about it? What are the downfalls? Liking the idea of coming back to a peaceful environment, but we are spoiled by our previous monorail stays.

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Yes, the Roaring Forks – average QS but the seating area is small. It’s fine if you aren’t there at the main times etc. Their full serve, Whispering Canyon, is wonderful, albeit noisy.

I love the idea of the bunk beds, and it seems like the boat to WL would almost be as convenient as the monorail. I haven’t stayed there, but I would love to stay there someday!

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I’d love to hear opinions also, WL is on my Disney bucket list. ºoº

Booked it for April, first time actually staying there but visited a bit. One if my favorites architecture wise and enjoyed Whispering Canyon. Pool is great, easy to get to MK and while I’m not trying Artist Point til end of August I’ve heard nothing but good things.

Probably my favorite thing about it (to be fair some people hate this) is that it’s all contained in one building. I like knowing that the mercantile is right downstairs if I need it. If I want to go and get my coffee I don’t have to walk to another building (let’s face it, I could get lost in my own neighborhood sometimes!)

Thanks for the heads up on space at Roaring Fork. Typically, I am the first one up and ready and go get food for the crew while they are waking up, so that’ll work well for the way we do it.

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I think the containment can be nice, too. Especially as much walking as there is to do at WDW

We loved WL (stayed in May 2013). Pool was good. Roaring Fork (QS) worked perfect when we needed it (nothing fantastic, but had everything we needed) and the boat ride to MK was a favorite. It really added to the excitement of going to MK and I don’t think we ever waited more than 5 minutes for it. Plus the already mentioned atmosphere can’t be beat.

Looking back at your original post, I can’t think of any downfalls. If I didn’t love BC so much, I’d stay at WL again in a heartbeat.

WL is one of our favorites. We took two nephews (both age 10) there and they loved the bunk beds. If your 16 year old is tall, the bunk might be awkward, but the DS5 will LOVE the top bunk! We also book a courtyard view so we overlook the pool, geyser, and lake (electrical water pageant - yay!) from the balcony. DH goes to Roaring Fork and returns with food for all, we eat in room. We love the boat to MK and like others have said, having everything contained makes it feel a bit cozy. In cooler weather, we love hanging out by fireplace in lobby.

I love WL specifically for the peaceful environment. We have either stayed either BLT or BCV previously both very conveniently located but I love WL. The food choices are great. Boat to MK wonderful and the cast members are the best, so friendly to our kiddos. Only downside might be transportation but we rent a car always anyways

I’ll be staying there for the 1st time in just 2 weeks so I will post my thoughts here!

WL is our favorite resort! We are disappointed that there are no reasonable 5 person rooms there bc we became a family if 5 this summer. We will stay there one more time while new DD is still not counted in occupancy.

RF is the counter service and I think it’s about the same as most. Burgers, sandwiches, salads, pasta, etc. it is a pretty small seating area but the only time we eat in restraint is for breakfast before most people are up. Also WCC is a lot of fun, and AP is my favorite place to eat in all of WDW.

We love the pool/slide. And the entire middle of the resort with the waterfall and river. The lobby is fantastic, try to find time to just sit and enjoy it.

I would say the only part that would be different for you is no monorail but the boat to MK is great and much less crowded (even right after wishes). I would also say that the time of riding mono to MK with all the stops from CR would not be much different in time than the boat (unless you walked to MK). So really I think the only real difference is not being able to ride mono to Epcot.

Other things we like about it:
Rent bikes and ride to FTW.
S’mores on the beach followed by movie on the beach.
Water parade.

Love the WL. Have stayed there several times and returning in November. I have also stayed at Poly, Contemporary and Boardwalk. Each has it’s own pros and cons. But, there is something very cozy about the WL. Small rooms, but I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.


@ddennis, are you returning in November before the pool area is opened back up? Do you think it’ll still be okay even with the pool turned into a construction zone? We have a fixed DVC rental that we can’t change, but I’m super disappointed about the pool area and geyser being under renovation, and having a hard time seeing past that. :frowning:

Thanks a bunch! Love hearing good things about the boat ride :smile:

Looking forward to our first stay there in Dec!!

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Awesome! Thanks!!

Unfortunately, we will be there the week before it opens back up. I’m really disappointed also and probably would have changed my reservation if not for the fact that we are meeting another family. They didn’t want to change resorts. We are also staying DVC and I’m concerned that everyone will now be using the “quiet” pool.