Tell Me About Soft Openings

ME picks us up at 530pm on the 21st :pensive:

Now I have to battle my urge to book ONE MORE NIGHT!!! :joy:

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There are suggestions that they may have these running from POP to CBR and from CBR to DHS by the time Galaxy’s Edge opens.

That was always the plan, except to have them fully open. The early opening of SW:GE threw that into chaos, and the IG is nowhere near ready to handle the extra crowds yet.

I guess that’s why some think they will open two lines early. That, plus the fact that it seems everything bar full capacity testing is already being covered on all lines (evacuation procedures, safety announcements etc).


That gives me hope:) Thank you!

Well maybe he is not in the know like I thought. This what he wrote.

However, if soft openings do occur, they would likely happen between August 22 and August 24, 2019. This would be after previews for Cast Members, Annual Passholders, Club 33 members, and before the media event.

He says that those dates are before the media preview. I guess he wasn’t invited to the meda preview and doesn’t know when those are happening.

There could be a distinction between “media previews” and “media event.” The latter sounds more like the Grand Opening ceremony like they had at Disneyland with Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, etc. So doesn’t preclude him from knowing about the media previews. But he might not know.

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That’s a good distinction. Does anyone know the time if the media previews? For example if they are 9 to 2, I could see them letting some us regular people come in at 2 after the media preview.

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We can guess left and right, but right now it’s nothing but question marks. If I was going to be there I would assume that there weren’t going to be any, and if I happened to be around when they opened the gates, awesome.


WDWNT has been doing photo reports and has pictures of the entrances in case you want to know what they look like ahead of time

Or he’s been invited to a later one. Possibly it’s TAs for the first couple of days or something.

I’m going on what’s been reported, so clearly some “media” people have been invited for those first three days. The term “media” covers a broad range of people too.

Yes, that goes without saying. But there is nothing wrong with being armed with information that may help you be in the right place if the doors open up.

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thanks! that’s helpful information. I like having an idea of where the entrances are.

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The 21st is our HS day. We have FP at AK, but lunch scheduled at HS on Friday the 23rd just in case we here news of a soft opening. I will make sure we all dress like the Star Wars fans we are and maybe we will get some pixie dust our way. I tried to upgrade to AP when I heard about the previews, but was told we had to do it in person. Since we drive almost 20 hours to go that wasn’t possible.

This was us in October :sunglasses:


Great photo!!!

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