Tell me about Sanaa!

We’ll be going there for the first time in a few weeks. Already know we’ll be ordering the vegetarian platters for our meals, with the bread service. How are the samosas? Bhel puri? Mango lassis? We are NUTS for Indian food, and hoping to see animals too. 5:10 pm reservation. Me, DH, DD7, DS2.9.

Oh, also – since it is not in the main AKL building but farther down – we’ll have our own car – are there signs directing us where to go and where to park? Easy to find?

Can’t comment on the food as I haven’t eaten there yet, but signage is easy. Just follow the signs for Kidani Village. When you get to the guard house, tell him that you are going to Sanaa, and ask where the best place to park would be.

We’ll be eating at Sanaa for the first time in two weeks also and would love to see reviews.

Sorry I can’t help much. I haven’t had the samosas or bhel puri but did really like the mango lassi.

My family loves Sanaa and we go there every trip. Our favorite is the bread service. We also love the Tandoori chicken, the durban chicken, and the beef short ribs. So yummy! We usually request a table by the windows even if we have to wait a bit longer. There is a crane/bird named Rupert that comes right up to the window and stays there most of the time. Very fun!

I plan on requesting a window table too. My hope is that our res is so early that it won’t be too difficult to get one.

We only had to wait an extra 15 mins for a window table. It was so worth it, I would have waited much longer. There is a bar/lounge area to wait or take your buzzer outside and watch the animals while you wait.
Edit- I just used the word wait far too many times :slight_smile:


Dining here for the first time in a couple weeks! I’ll be solo, so definitely aiming for a window seat!

The guards are awesome with directions. If I remember correctly it’s turn right at the 3rd stop sign and go straight into the parking garage. The turtle dessert for kids is really cute. My girls talked about it the entire trip. And then asked why I never make anything like that. :smirk:


We love the bread service too. I had the tandoori chicken which I loved. The butter chicken gets great reviews as well.

Will be trying Sanaa for the first time in June! Love the search feature on this forum. Question, for the parking garage…will it accomodate a BIG pick up truck or are we better off parking by Jambo and walking.

At the risk of going against the crowd, I did not like Sanaa.

The bread service was okay. We had gotten the vegetarian sampler. Tehre were three small square bowls, 2 of curries and one of rice. The portion of rice was small for the two curries. We basically had to just eat the curries without much rice, and more rice was an extra price. I was not impressed. I like Indian food, and I have a regular place here on Long Island, that is much better for the money and taste.


Our favourite restaurant. Can’t wait to go back. Get all the sauces with the bread service, there was previously an option to have fewer. The lamb is delicious. Mango lassi yummy. Didn’t do veggie accompaniments, but I suspect given the general theme all yummy! We were looking at the menu today in anticipation! Enjoy!

I had the butter chicken. I like Indian food moderately spicy. Most Indian restaurants have good vegetarian selections.