Tell me about MVT for summer trips

We got a great deal through MVT for our trip this November, but we have friends who are going June 2019 who are also interested in booking through them. MVT is telling them there are no available deals right now other than just the prices Disney offers. We were offered our deal 11 months in advance for our November trip and their trip is now a little less than 11 months away. Do the summer deals typically come out later or are there fewer offers?

Trying to let them know whether it’s just a bit early yet and to keep hoping for a deal or to just assume they will have to pay full price. Anyone booked a summer trip with them and gotten a good deal?

Thanks in advance.

I don’t think they have released deals for next summer yet. I have booked with them in June and August at good rates. Keep an eye on their FB page and website for when the rates are released.

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Thank you! Can you tell me if the summer packages usually include the one day water park ticket also?

I am awaiting deals for spring 2019 from MVT. My understanding is that a new set of exclusives will become available at least for spring in late Aug/early Sept. Not sure whether this set will include summer or not, but let your friend know that not all 2019 MVT deals are out yet.

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I’m sorry, I am not sure. I have an annual pass so I don’t purchase tickets from them. Here is the list of dates for agency exclusives for this year. Not sure if 2019 will be similar, but there are summer dates listed for 2018 and I booked one in 2017.

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Last year, I got an email on in late October with the summer deals. It appears I’d inquired earlier but the deals weren’t available yet then.

If you buy the convention tickets through MVT I believe they have always come with the water park perk in the past, but obviously that could change.

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I think we have used them 8 or so trips (all being in the summer) and they have always included the +1 Fun ticket/experience that we always use at a water park.

It is also my understanding they may know their next batch of discounts in September - these would include the summer months.

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Thank you all! Great info! I have passed it all along to them.