Tell me about MNSSHP

Looks like we will be one or two MNSSHP’s the week that we will be there. This is unexpected and I’m not sure how to plan. I would think that MK will be extra busy the days before and after the party but what about the day of? Will crowds be higher or lower? Or maybe I’m wrong and crowds will be light the morning after the party because everyone was out late the night before. Any tips or information would be appreciated!

We went to MNSSHP last October (late) and we didn’t go to MK during the day. We loved the party and worth doing at least once. From what I have heard MK is less busy on party nights because it closes at 7 to anyone not attending a party, so those folks without park hopper passes will not want to waste a day for a shorter time period

I’m following for later as I have not yet experienced MNSSHP. We hope to for 2018.

I do have experience with MVMCP though. And can say that what @bethro23 indicates has held true for my experience.
It won’t be as crowded the day of the party because of the shortened hours. MVMCP tickets were absolutely worth it as a once and done. Not surprised to hear the same for MNSSHP.

We love, love, love the party as adults and have been twice. It’s absolutely worth every penny. That being said, you need to be able to stay until at least 10:30/11pm (in my opinion) in order to make it worth it. We closed down the party both times and consider the second parade time one of our favorite Disney moments. So with our son this year being only 1, we had to skip it because he barely makes it up until 8pm. So we took full advantage of the party day times at MK and it was fabulous. If you are not concerned about MK evening entertainment, then I would highly recommend using a party day up until about 3:30pm because they can be some of the lowest crowd times. You do want to plan to leave before 4 because the party guests will start flowing in.

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Once 4pm hits and they start letting party people in, the crowds on Main Street get wild due to so many people entering and exiting. I would leave after the parade if you are trying to avoid huge crowds.

Is there any reason to arrive at party before 6pm if we are not planning on waiting for any characters? I’m thinking that we will do MK morning and leave around noon then come back for the party.

@mikimcc I would only do that if you can take a nap while you are out. We choose to go into MK at around noon the day we went for a special event party because we wanted to sleep in that morning since we knew we’d be up super late - and knew there was no way we’d be able to nap in the middle of the day.

I would probably do what @SillySamsMom said - sleep in and get to MK around noon, or if you go early and leave, definitely take a nap. We didn’t do any characters last October either, but you can reserve 3 fastpasses starting at 4:00 (when they let party guests in) just with the party ticket. Now I don’t know how that works if you have already booked 3 fastpasses earlier in the day. Anyhoo, my point is a lot of the rides are almost walk on during the party so it’s a good time to ride rides when everyone else is lined up to meet characters

There are special blog posts about how to get 3 fast passes with your standard ticket, and then create a dummy account with your tickets in order to get 3 fast passes after 4 pm. I haven’t done it personally. a quick search here on the forum and I’m sure you can easily find it.