Tell me about Lightning McQueen and Celebrate with Incredibles

These two experiences at HS are new to us since our last HS visit. Wondering if someone can tell me about them from first hand.

It looks like Lightning McQueen is way over near Rock N Rollercoaster/ToT? Is that correct?

We haven’t gone yet (trip coming in late April) but I thought I would share with you what I found out today. I was making our HS plans and saw that LMRA was available to add as an attraction! So I picked it and it lists showtimes for I think about 10 shows a day and says the experience lasts 20 minutes. I haven’t seen this info anywhere else though I have been searching high and low because DGS8 loves Cars. I was hoping they would offer a fast pass but no info about that anywhere. Hope we can get in to see it!

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That’s how I found it too actually lol. It must have been Hs tp planning day

I will do more research.

The Incredibles is open and is like a dance party and Edna Mode has a museum. Lightning McQueen I think has not opened yet but should be soon. Tim tracker touched on this today.

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Thanks Joe!

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I had asked about Incredibles in another post - here’s a link - Anyone been to the new Incredibles Celebration at Pixar Place?

I also watched a you tube video - The thing is it doesn’t seem like there’s any set time so I’m guessing it’s just sort of continuous? Hoping we see something good when I have it in my plan.

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Thank you! :smiley:

Lightning McQueen’s Racing Academy - Coming March 31, 2019

Entertainment located at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Get pumped for a high-octane, first-of-its-kind show that’ll put you right in the middle of the Cars universe.

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