Tell me about Kidcot Stations at Epcot

We will be staying in the Epcot resort area for our June 2015 trip (still narrowing down between BW, BC, and YC) so we are hoping to spend more time there than in years past. For our past two trips, we have spent the majority of time in MK and only 1 day in EP (more like 1/2 to 2/3 day lol) so we have pretty much done the main rides, main characters, and then called it a day. DH and I would like to explore the “countries” a little bit more this time around. I have read a few things about the Kidcot stations but don’t know a whole lot about them. We will spend at least 2 days in EP (start out at RD and back to resort early afternoon) but will have PH as well, so we might go for some evenings as well depending on how tired we are. Would this be something my DD (she’ll be 7 at the time) would enjoy so that we can spend more time in World Showcase? Is it worth our time?

My DD7 loves them, but it’s really just a CM at a table where you can talk and color a paper duffy bear on a stick. Tons of parents standing around saying “cmon, you can color at home, let’s go do something!” :slight_smile:

@B_squared have you gotten the “passport” for stickers or something? I think I read about the passport somewhere.

No – I tried to talk DD into it but she wasn’t interested, ha ha. :slight_smile: Time spent coloring is great stress release for overstimulated kids…

We’re prepping for a trip with three daughters 8,6, and 2.
I found this blog on Epcot with kids helpful.

Also, the more I read about Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure, the more I’m convinced that it will give my kids a great way to interact with the countries as we explore WS as a family.

Thanks for the link @JonMcIntosh!