Tell me about AKL Kidani village

Hello AKL experts:

First time at AKL Kidani village - Savannah view. My youngest is crazy about animals and I want to make sure we have a decent view.

I don’t want to request a specific room and risk getting something completely different. I want to make it easy for the CM. What more general request would increase our chances of getting a good view of the animals? Or maybe it’s best to request to avoid specific rooms instead?

Also - we arrive at 1pm. It would be nice to check in early, but if you think I should stick to a single request, I’d be ok with that.

(I have more questions, but I will ask one at a time)

Lobby level is best for closest animal experience.

We liked being near the rafiki elevator because we were also near the pool and the less busy parking spots in the garage under. But it’s a little far from the buses


I never have a car, so my preference is close to the lobby on the second floor. I would do a room request through touring plans. It can’t hurt! I’ve had pretty good success at AKL with those but not 100%. Other resorts I have had much poorer results.

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Is north better than south? Thinking of making the request less specific to increase our chances - something like “lobby level, facing the sunset savanna”

Can’t say. We had plenty of animals over by us and I saw plenty more down the other end too

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