Teens and family time

I have two boys, ages 11 and 14. It feels like time is going to quickly and so I did what any mom would do, plan a trip to Disney! We’ve been to wdw four time previously, but haven’t been in over 4 years. I really want to connect with them. So here’s my problem: I need to plan enough to give us something to do together, but I don’t want to just be rushing around. I would love to hear any thought about balancing time. Thank you all!


  • Mini golf
  • Fishing
  • A TS buffet of some sort (they’re growing boys after all) - maybe Boma or Biergarten?
  • If looking to splurge, one of the special tours (Star Wars, day of thrills, etc)
  • Time to roam together on their own - that brother time will be as special to them as anything
  • Get them involved in develop touring plans - lots of math and strategic thinking. :wink:
  • If there are 3 or four of you, then for sure Mission: Space at Epcot

Trails end another buffet on property and best bang for your buck especially if paying out of pocket.

Will you be able to go off property? My husband and i did an escape the room. It was awesome and i think perfect for teenage boys.


Do a tour. The wild africa trek gets a lot love.

Get their input. See what they want. But i get that you need help here to give them ideas.

No extra charge in the magic mingdom
Sorceres of the magic kingdom
A pirates adventure

Do a water park!!


Here is an idea that is out there for many liners, but it is this, slow down when touring, take your time, take some breaks. Eat at a sit down location that is different from things you have done. Let them do some planning too so that you hit things they want to do. Let them take pictures. Most importantly, have fun and enjoy being with each other. Also, remember the song Circle of Life and apply it to Disney, you will understand. Hope this helps


My DD and I are going down in August- for the same reason! She is going to be 16 when we travel, and I LOVE that Disney is where she wants to spend time with me. I took her last year for her birthday, and over planned the entire trip which made it miserable. This time through: she has just as much input on what she and I are doing as I do- including where we are eating our TS meals, and she is developing her “must do” list before our FPP window opens, and after I make ADRs next month. We have agreed that if we do rope drop, we come back to the room to rest (she is a teenager, and early morning stinks after all). All that to say: ask them what is important for them on this trip. I want to do more on the vacation than she does, so I have to surrender the ever pressured feeling to “do it all”.