Technical difficulties in Park- iPhone

I’m trying to tweak my plan for today by adding and removing steps and I keep getting an error message. I am here at WDW and only have my phone and iPad- no computer

Email! Thy will help you.

Also, did you try to go through the browser on your phone instead of the app?

I haven’t- I’ll try that first. Thanks

I just read in another thread- it sounds like those changes can only be down through the web version-

To remove steps mark them as done. You need to wait for park open as its real time and that mighy be a source of your problem also. Once park is open it might work better

This is probably unrelated, but I find that the WDW wi-fi really messes up the Forum and other TP things. If I turn off wi-fi and just use my iPhone service (Verizon) then everything works better.

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