Teacher Trip

Hi - Both myself and my husband are teachers in NJ. We can’t go to Disney any times except school holidays. When would you pros suggest a trip to avoid worst crowds? Later August? Or, does it matter – the June/July/August levels seem so similar and I’d rather not wait for late August… weather would get worse I think?

Teacher here too - when do you get out? DH and I went right after school in second week of June one year and it was great - crowds and heat had not picked up too much yet.

In general, though, if it is just the two of you, with a plan and tricks from this forum up your sleeve, you can make any time work.

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Thanks for the tips… we get out late June. Most likely the 21st or so… hard to tell because they don’t schedule our snow days, so sometimes we are scheduled for the 18th, but get out on the 21st or 23rd. So June would be late June… like the 25th - July 3. It’s not just me and the husband… we have two little boys, ages 9 and 10. They’ve never been to Disney. One has a mild neuromuscular disorder. We will have the pass that allows him to get a return time for rides… so that may help us on our trip, a bit. The heat is hard for him, though. So, we’ll have to make due! Thanks!

When do you start school? Many schools start early to mid-August, so late August may be a bit lower in crowds. Bonus if you can go in early September.

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This for sure!

My husband and I did Fourth of July week this past summer and it was super manageable. The heat is pretty intense, but the crowds actually weren’t crazy and the 4th festivities were very fun!

Massachusetts here and although as a district administrator I can travel any time, I travel with my son and his girlfriend and as teachers, they cannot. We have gone: April vacation (when not Easter- our favorite), February vacation, June, July, August- Labor Day. I would do any of them again. I do find the end of August/September to be the hottest time of the year for me.