Tate's plans - last few questions please

1 What is the name of the tiny band we buy to hold the strap of our magic bands down?

2 My DD7 likes wearing swim shoes in the sea and even in the pool, will she want them or be allowed them at Discovery Cove or Stormalong bay?

3 Can you buy buckets and spades at the Beach Club and how much are they?

4 Discovery Cove, do we need to save loungers as soon as we arrive? Would you set up camp by the reef or lazy river? Do they supply Buckets and spades?

Less than 3 weeks to go, I’m very excited.

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  1. There are plenty of loungers but it is nice to find your spot as soon as you arrive. There are some right in front of the area where they have the dolphin encounters. Much nicer to watch dolphins than people. Most people seem to position themselves near the refreshment stations but nowhere is far to walk. I can’t remember noticing buckets and spades. The floaty things sometimes run out during the afternoon…I think because people don’t return them to the bins.
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Should we take our own rings? Little ones or big ones?

1 is called a bitbelt

5 Thoughts on good spots for lunch at Blizzard Beach, somewhere DH and I can eat while we can watch the kids play in the water?

I just got back from Beach Club - if you order a kid’s meal from Hurricane Hanna’s (by the pool) it’s served in a bucket with a shovel. If you don’t want to, there are probably 12 loose buckets floating around the pool at all times.

She might want them at Stormalong Bay, the “sand” is really really rough. It’s not so bad in the pool but it’s pretty tough on the feet walking around the deck.


Thank you, that is very useful info, I will take the buckets and spades out of my to go pile.

@Welsh_Dragon I presume you can’t go in the dolphin pool except during your swim?

That is correct. …but it a nice spot to watch the dolphins, which is really what you are paying a premium for.:slight_smile:

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  1. Yes to the water shoes in the pool, but you can’t have them on for the slide.
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But I’ll be watching my children and they will be in and out the water or playing in the sand. Hot sunny day I’ll go for the reef, if it’s a cold rainy day I’ll head for the lazy river. At the lazy river is there sand and an area of water to play/swim in that I can see from my seat?


DD7’s new water shoes have arrived and I think I’ll pack mine and DD9’s too, DH can cope.

I’ve had an email from Pat O Briens canceling our reservation due to a corporate event, it’s not a big deal and hopefully I can move it to a different night.