Tate's plan - Thoughts please

Royal Pacific at Universal

Friday 29th& Saturday 30thMarch – Travelling Days
Check into hotel near airport Fri evening, and Royal Pacific Sat evening.

Sunday 31st March – Universal Parks
Ollivanders, Diagon Alley, Escape from Gringotts, Hogwarts Express, Hogsmeade, Men in Black. Pool time.

Monday 1st April – Discovery Cove
Swim with a Dolphin, lazy river, snorkelling, and feeding the birds. SeaWorld in the evening.

Tuesday 2nd April – SeaWorld (or Universal)
SeaWorld during the day, and Mardi Gras parade in the evening.

Wednesday 3rdApril – Universal (or SeaWorld)
The rest of Universal, pool time, dinner at Pat O’Briens in Citywalk, and see Hogwarts at night.

Thursday 4thApril – Universal
Re visit our favourite rides and shows.
11:45am Lunch at Mythos.

Beach Club at Disneyworld

Friday 5th April – Animal Kingdom
Early lunch at Satuii Canteen, FPP 11:25am Navi River, 12:30pm Safari, 1:30pm Bird show, and 1:35pm Rapids. Late lunch at Flametree Bbq. Maybe some pool time, and then dinner at food booths while we wander around Epcot.

Saturday 6th April – Magic Kingdom
Buzz, Dumbo, Barnstormer, Mermaid. FPP 9am Enchanted tales with Belle, 10am Splash/Winnie, and 11am Big Thunder/Peter Pan. 12:15pm lunch at Skippers Canteen. Magic Carpets, Jungle Cruise. Flexible afternoon and evening plans, pool time, nap, Disney Springs, Hollywood Studios, Epcot, fireworks.

Sunday 7thApril – Hollywood Studios
Toy Story, FPP 9:30am Alien Flying Saucers, Jedi training. 10:30am Star tours (only W&A), and 10:30am Rock n Roll Coaster (W&A). Lunch at Backlot express, 12pm Stunt show, 12:55pm Disney Jn Dance Party, 1:30pm Frozen sing along.Pool time and 6:20pm dinner at Biergarten.

Monday 8th April – Magic Kingdom
8:10am breakfast at Be our Guestwith Eloise. Fantasy Land, FPP 9am Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, Haunted Mansion, 10am Splash Mountain, and 11am Big Thunder Mountain. Hall of Presidents, Small World, Shake it Dance Party. 1:05pm lunch at Cinderella’s Castle. People Mover, Parade at 3pm, Monster Inc. Flexible late afternoon and evening.

Tuesday 9thApril – Epcot
Soarin, Nemo, Crush,FPP 9am Spaceship Earth, 10am Mission Space, and 11:10am Frozen Ever After. Have lunch around the food booths, while doing scavenger hunt, and meet Eloise. Pool time and 7:30pm dinner at California Grill.

Wed 10thApril – Waterpark and Animal Kingdom
Morning at Blizzard Beach waterpark, lunch there or Flame Tree BBQ. Boneyard, FPP 1:10pm Dino (W&A), 2:30pm Nemo show, 2:25pm Everest (W&A), 4pm Lion King Show. 4:45pm dinner at Tuskers, FPP 5:40pm Flights of Passage,Bugs Life, Dance Party, and 8:30pmRiver Of Lights show.

Thursday 11th– Hollywood studios
JTSU, Toy Story, FPP 9:45am Slinky Dog Dash, Mermaid Show, 10:45am RNR Coaster/Meet Vamperina, Jedi Training. Lunch at Backlot Express, 11:50am Star tours, Muppets movie. Pool time and 7:30pm dinner at La Hacienda with Eloise and family.

Friday 12thApril – Animal Kingdom
Optional early morning. FPP 10:15am Flights of Passage, 11:15am Safari, and 12:15pm Rapids. Pool time and 5:50pm dinner at Cape May.

Saturday 13th – Epcot
Pool time or FPP 10:30am Spaceship Earth, 11:35am Mission Space, and 12:35pm Test Track. 1:30pm lunch at Teppan Edo.Coach to airport around 4pm.

My HS TP’s might not work, I am considering whether to move AFS or Jedi training to later in the day?


This trip looks amazing!!! Have a wonderful time!!!


Wow @Tate, that looks fantastic. What a good planner you are. The only thing that crossed my mind is will people be exhausted after a morning in a water park? You will soon be able to say, 'This month’:grin:.

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It is a busy day, I did have it differently but on FPP day a few things changed. This way Friday becomes a totally flexible day as the FPP I have booked are all repeats. My original plan had us using EMH mornings whenever possible, now I’m not using any, not sure how I feel about that.

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I suppose it depends so much on whether your family ever change time zones. I think sometimes when my children were…well children, they just stayed on GMT and we did very early mornings, afternoon naps and quite early night.

We do the first week, but we are at Universal then

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This all does look great. There may be a few where the times are tight but probably still do-able.

Don’t forget to make some time to enjoy the Beach Club & Boardwalk area, especially at night.


I’m. It worthy to evaluate but please report back on DC. I want to go there badly.

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DC is the day I am most looking forward to.


Such a great trip you have planned!!

You’ll love Beach Club. The pool is awesome. The hotel is beautiful. My only complaints were that my room was a very long walk from the elevator and the shared buses with Yacht Club.

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Impressive plans!! Looks like an awesome trip!


What would you recommend for my room request, I think a full balcony or terrace is most important for us.

We stayed standard. We think our room # may have been 5710. Do not stay there. It is way too far from the elevator for such a lengthy stay.

I cant get a map with room #s… I’d say request to be near an elevator. Also consider walking distance to Storm-a-long bay if you will spend a lot of time there. Also, if you’ll be doing laundry mid trip, the laundry machines over by the quiet pool (pool closest to epcot). there is no lifeguard there. laundry, pool and hot tub. it’s quite a walk at the end of a long day from there to Storm-A-long bay.

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I will need a laundry afternoon, is there just one laundry room?

There is at least one large laundry room. It is truly large. I’d be surprised if it were ever at full capacity… there is also a smaller room around the corner - 2 washers and 2 dryers.

the large laundry room has the bathrooms on the backside (on the walkway from Epcot), then inside the gated section of that building is where the laundry is.

You’ll love the activity room at BC!! Well, the girls will :slight_smile:

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This looks great but, I have to ask, won’t everyone be super exhausted half way through? You would know your family better and I’m not sure anyone’s age, but this would be exhausting for me as a relatively fit adult at 35.
Not trying to criticize, I’m known for trying to cram way to much in and having everyone beg for me to stop at some point and then I “lose” something because everyone needs a day of nothing.

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Oh dear, apart from a couple of days I thought it did look relaxing as we only spend half the day in a park

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I like how you have your trip planned, looks like a lot of fun!


Wed 10thApril – Waterpark and Animal Kingdom - what time does the waterpark open? This day seems like a tight schedule and not a lot of time to enjoy the waterpark.

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Park opens at 10, we’ll leave at 1pm latest. I fully expect DH and I to want to leave after a couple of hours, if we don’t then we could skip Dino, Everest and Nemo and do them on Friday or later in the evening. It’s definitely our busiest day, the day after had been very relaxing but I switched it on FPP day to HS.