Tate's next trip, need imput please, Which would you do?

Flying Fish is one of, if not my favorite, place I’ve eaten at WDW. It’s pretty much don’t miss for me.

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I really enjoyed reading your plan. It looks great. A few thoughts, why aren’t you doing Navi first on AK emh? Pony rides, it’s a trek for something you can do anywhere? Mini golf makes sense as it’s close by. What is the Epcot character dance party? I’m curious to know how packed Stormalong bay will be, and whether finding a chair in the afternoon is impossible. You have lots of early mornings? I think I probably will do too, though making RD at EP will feel like a lie in. I understand Ohana but Art Smith’s is another trek when you have so much within walkable distance? Are you likely to stay at an EP resort again, might you ever stay at Fort Wilderness or a DS resort? Looking forward to hearing all about it, you’ll be able to tell me lots of useful tips. Have you been to the water park before? I’m thinking we will try one next time too, love the sound of the lazy river.

I’ve been working this plan since January. It still needs some work.

Sam and I have youtubed it, and she isn’t interested.

I told Dave and Sam that we could do non-park stuff. Well, she saw a commercial on the Disney channel and now she insists on doing pony rides ~AND~ minigolf. In my opinion, the mini-golf is very expensive and I would rather not do it. But they tag teamed against me and I lost.

All I know so far is that it is a special dance party offered during Food & Wine, and I believe only on Friday and Saturday nights. It might be new this year. I’m waiting to hear more info about it.

My crew doesn’t sleep in. So if we’re going to be up, we might as well be at a park :slight_smile: also, with HS being a 15 min walk, we won’t have to get up as early as we would if we were taking a bus.

We love Homecomin’. Dave requested it as a repeat. He doesn’t ask for much - he insisted on Ohana and Homecomin’ and D’luxe Burger. Besides, a trip to Disney is now not complete with a small purchase at the Lego store… it’s sort of a tradition now! I am not likely to stay at an EP resort again. Dave tells me this is our last Disney trip for “awhile” but won’t tell me exactly what that means. He would rather sit on the beach all week while I would rather stick forks in my eye… sitting on a sandy HOT beach getting crapped on by seagulls while being simultaneously burned like a lobster is not my idea of fun…We are going to Turks & Caicos in 2020, so I know we won’t be doing Disney 2019, 2020 and probably not 2021 either.

No. We booked this trip thru a travel agent - Magical Vacations Travel. It came with a +Fun day or something like that. It’s actually the day I’m least looking forward to. I like water parks, but I’d rather be in MK.

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We sooo enjoyed our water park day when we were there last year. It was the highlight of our trip! Hope you enjoy yours as much.


I was there Mid April 2017. It was mid 80s-low 90s. I don’t think it got above 92 degrees. There was essentially NO humidity. It was only really hot when standing out in the sun for more than a few minutes without shade. 90 Fahrenheit is roughly 32 Celsius.

I consider this perfect Florida weather. Warm, no humidity. Not obscenely hot!

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Just so you know, 90 degree weather is most definitely obscenely hot! :wink:

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It was 104 here last week. 90 feels like spring compared to 104 with humidity.

Everything is relative :slight_smile:


Wow, your oct-30 day is exactly like my oct-16, EMM, FPP and all. Like a twin plan.

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After about 85, they all feel the same to me. Hot as hades. :slight_smile:


What better day to see princesses then directly after Bibbity Bobbity Boutique!?!? :slight_smile:

Of course, until I get to day 60, my fast pass plan is just a loose plan…hope it doesn’t deviate too far from plan as I have promised afternoon pool time.

DD7 just sprung on me that she wants to ride 7DMT in the dark…now I know what I’m doing on our last night in MK! And that she wants to do Alien Swirling Saucers too.


Right ?

Hahaha. Who does that kind of thing?

I’m planning to do that during our MNSSHP night. My DD is 5, :slightly_smiling_face:

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During Food and Wine last year, we decided that dinner would be food from each of the booths. It was a great experience. We were four adults sharing and still did not get to try everything!

We RD the park and rode a bunch. Around 11am, we ate sandwiches we brought with us. Around 1pm, we rode the Mexico ride and then around the world we went, drinking and eating. We tried a lot, watched some shows and at around 6pm, we grabbed some beer flights from a pavillion next to Test Track and then rode test track again.

There is a lot of food in Epcot, so it is totally feasible to just walk and eat.


My girls say they are past princesses, but when we get there I imagine it might be a different story, so we are going to do CRT this time. It’s somewhere you want to try at least once, and the next time we are back, princesses will definitely not mean as much.

I’ve decided on our kid free night. Flying Fish and then Jelly Rolls

Can’t decide about California Grill, and HEA. On one hand I think I should forget both for this trip as we’ll be seeing all the other parks entertainment. But it is most peoples favorite, so I should try and fit it in right? If we see it, most are adamant that we need to be in MK to see the projections, but that doesn’t appeal. I don’t want to do the dessert party as we’ve already got the DDP. Is the view from halfway down main street better California Grill?


@Fablemos - it was a real struggle fitting in pool time. Almost painful. To the point where some of them are marked - Optional. Which means, I ask and give them the perimeters and let them decide on the fly.

Is there any historical data that will show me the wait times during MNSSHP? I don’t want to waste my party time standing in line for one ride.

@Tate - agree. it was one and done for us for sure. good princess interaction. overpriced food. our service was ok, but not great - but i think that was more server personality.

I’m the same way. I don’t care much for any of Disney’s projections. I find them “too busy” - jump around too fast - over stimulating. Of course I haven’t seen HEA projections yet. Since I haven’t seen it, I’m definitely making it happen.


We stayed at Beach Club last week - we had no trouble getting pool space and I don’t recall walking by and ever thinking “Wow that’s packed - nowhere to sit”. Of course that’s July so it was hot & often in the afternoon the pool was cleared for Thunderstorms which cut our swim time somewhat and I’m sure cleared out the chairs a lot.

Flying Fish was very good - excellent seafood. Expensive, but likely worth it.

An early BOG will get you past the hub and lined up for 7DMT before the rope drop crowd. We had an 8AM BOG on a EMM morning which meant we couldn’t get on 7DMT until 9, but it meant we were about #30 in line and beat all the rope drop folks. On non-EMM mornings I understand they typically let you on at 8:45 so you can ride twice or be queued for Pan by the time the rope droppers get started…

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