Tate's next trip, need imput please, Which would you do?

We are going to visit AK twice once in the morning/lunch and the other time for the afternoon/evening
1 If we are going to arrive at 7:30am and want to do Navi first would you go on an EMH day when the park opens at 7am or on a normal day when it opens at 8am?

2 For our morning/lunch I initially thought Saana, then that changed to Tiffins as we didn’t want the hassle of leaving the park, but now I’m thinking counter service as there are a few excellent options and that will make it easier to see all the shows. What would you choose?

3 Have I seen HEA? @SillySamsMom We were there Dec 2016 and went to a MVMCP. While it was an evening I wouldn’t change, the crowds and getting back to our resort afterward, mean it’s not on the list for next time. Except if we go to Cali Grill. My only concern with this is it’s yet another evening we’ll be away from our resort. Our main reason for staying at the BC is so we can spend lots of time at the pool and in world showcase during Flower & garden, but my rough plan doesn’t have doing that as much as I’d hoped.
4 If you were staying at the BC for 8 nights, how many days/evenings would you spend at EP/BC?
5 How bad are the queues at the food booths? I’ve read advice that says you have to go at 11am, and we will do that.
6 But should I also be planning a few dinners from the booths?
7 Can we have a relaxing evening sampling the booths?
8 Or will it be lots of queing, too many people and nowhere to sit down, even on a week night?

9 Anyone been here? any thoughts?
10 Do you need to get a seat by a certain time, otherwise be left standing?

Stormalong bay
Most of our pool time will likely be in the afternoon.
11 Does it get badly crowded?
12 To the extinct that you can never find a seat or ring for the lazy river?

13 Now everyone is let into MK before RD, does an early BOG ADR still give you an advantage?

14 Has anyone used the DDP recently with kids that are disney adults, how do they show your credits, do they distinguish between child and adult?

15 Anyone tried Ale & Compass?

Sorry that’s rather a lot of questions.

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I’ll try to answer the ones I know the answers to:

I think it would be the same. My understanding is that the NRR is not as big a draw as FOP.

It depends on when you’re going and how hot it will be. If it is a hot month there is nothing better than relaxing in a nice air-conditioned room while you enjoy wonderful fare. I’d pick Tiffins over QS anyday.

HEA was new last year. Forgot what month. It was after our trip in April 2017.

Totally subjective but we are spending 80% of our time at EPCOT and we aren’t staying near it at all. If I had access to Stormalong Bay you better believe I’d be there a LOT.

Depends on lots of factors. We were there last year at the F&G show, and the waits were not bad. It was also the first week of April.

No clue. We mostly bought snacks. You could conceivably feed yourselves with nothing but the awesome snacks at the booths.

Everything about Epcot is relaxing to me. Epcot is the best place for crowds and is our favorite park. Even during more crowded times there are always places to sit and rest.

No clue. Sorry.

No idea, but I’m very covetous.

I’ll leave that to others in the know.

A Disney adult is a Disney adult, and as such there isn’t a distinction, unless you are getting alcohol…

No, but it was on a list of places I want to check out. Flying Fish won out, so it will be our trip after next.

Hope I’ve helped!

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Thank you, what did you think of Flying fish? Re 14 I am thinking about the alcohol. I’m assuming that if I order 2 meals I can get 2 alcoholic drinks, but if we order 4, I can still only get 2 alcoholic drinks. We will be there in April, and I’m assuming I don’t need to plan around the afternoon heat, but it does worry me as DD9 & DH don’t do well when the temperature is in the 30’s.

We haven’t been to the Flying Fish yet. That’s what we decided on for our December trip. I’ll let you know. Disney Food Blog doesn’t think too highly of it, but food is so subjective.

I believe you are correct that you only get one alcoholic drink per legal adult. Your children will have their own drinksl

It can get a bit toasty in April, but nothing like it does in the summer months!

I love AJ from DFBGuide, I like the way she talks over pictures, instead of some of them that never get to the point.


Me, too! It’s one of my favorite channels to watch. I don’t always agree with AJ on food, though. Probably because her tastes are very different from mine. But I still like to know her opinions because she will explain why.


I like the guys on disunplugged too, but not all their videos are that good, and I wouldn’t want to be at a table next to them when they are filming.

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I find the main guy is rather a downer. He barely likes anything.

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Lots to address here… I’m going to focus on the BC/EP questions.

We’ve had the pleasure of staying at BCV. When we have done that, we’ve gone to EP every day at some point. I would do that again. The greatest thing is being able to walk in, go to a few booths and then just leave. With 8 days you’ll be able to hit everything and repeat the ones you love. The weekends will be the busiest times. Avoid Saturday night…

Stormalong Bay is excluse to BC & YC and cast members come around to scan bands. There are lots of chairs, loungers and tables. I’m hopeful that you will find a spot whenever you want. It is a popular place but everyone staying there won’t be there at the same time. Plenty of rings for the river. If you don’t see any, don’t hesitate to ask a cast member.

TS at AK… Sa’tuli Canteen or Flame Tree BBQ. Both excelllent.


Thank you, at the maingate of EP you need to be there an hour beforehand to be front of the pack, when is the equivalent at the International gateway please?

There typically aren’t more than a handful of people at IG. We’ve been let in as early as 8:45 (for 9 am opening). Until the gondolas open, it should be like that. It’s just you, YC, BW and some Swan & Dolphin folks using that entrance for now. In many, many times using that entrance, I’ve waited behind no more than 1 other person. So, I’d plan a solid 10 minutes from leaving your room to walking into Epcot like you own the place!

Sounds like this is your first time staying at an Epcot resort. You have made a fine choice! It’s a fantastic experience to not be in the herd. You’re steps away from Epcot and only 15 minutes walk from HS. Arguably, it’s the best hotel location in the World.

Oh, and at the end of the night, after Illuminations, you’re 5 minutes from your bed. Bliss.


Going to chime in re: food at AK. Lunch at Satuli Canteen was absolutely delicious. It is a definite repeat for me. I have also eaten at Sanaa & Tiffins- again both were delicious. To me the question is are you more interested in a nice, sit-down relaxing TS meal or are you more about convenient quick delicious QS? While Tiffins was wonderful, it was nearly a 2 hour meal for our group of 6 people (3 courses). Sanaa is going to be a time commitment as well since you are leaving the park. Satuli, on the other hand, is probably ~30 min experience especially if you mobile order.

Again, I enjoyed my food at all 3 places. Just very different experiences :slight_smile:

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A lot of them I can’t answer, but here’s a go at the ones I can…

  1. I would probably not leave At for AKL if I was spending the rest of the day at the park. I’ve not been to Tiffins yet, but it’s number one on my restaurant list for my next trip - although I will save it for dinner. I plan on doing Satuli for lunch.

  2. Jelly rolls is a lot of fun (remember it’s over 21 only). I went latish and wasn’t looking for a table, so I can’t answer that part of the question.

Wish I could help more…

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It does sound perfect, thank you. I hope the gondolas aren’t completed before next April.

I’m not sure @BoilerMomPharmD I was after the relaxing lunch at the end of a busy morning, but looking at my TP we can’t fit all the shows in. We only saw Lion King last time, so I’d like to make time for the others, and see LK again as it was brilliant.

Thanks @bswan26. I’m thinking Jelly Rolls for our kid free night. Probably not the best plan, but I’m considering doing both Satuli & Tiffins for lunch, feed the kids first, and then DH and I enjoy Tiffins, too crazy/time consuming?

One more question, are kids allowed in the bars at Disney Springs?


I am doing AK the same way a morning w/lunch & an afternoon/evening.
My morning is EMH at 8am, doing Navi at RD, which should be a walk on, then short waits on other rides, back to FOP for FPP at 10.
2 - I wouldn’t spend the time at Tiffins, QS at Sauti’ is a great meal and allows you more time for the shows - which is a priority for me also :smile:
13 - it absolutely does still give you an advantage. RD is held in the hub, and when you are at BOG you go right to the ride when you get done. I have been able to ride 7DMT twice before the RD crowds got there when I had a 8am BOG, in my experience they start running it about 15 min before the park opens.
14 - If the kids are Disney adults then all your credits will be adults, if you want to order from QS or dinner the kids meal you can - but it is still going to be the same adult credit that is used

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I am going to chime in here:

1.i woukd do it on a day that the park opens at 8:00. Although you would be fine most days, 30 minutes after people have been let in, you will be behind the people that did Navi first and the people that have completed RoL.

  1. I love, love, love Tiffins. Tiffins will be easier,
    ( no worrying about finding tables) but I think I would try Satu’ll Canteen.

3.You have not seen HEA, and it is amazing!

4-8 the best part of staying at BC is that you can hop in to EP and you are at World Showcase ( you woukd need park hoppers). Lines can be bad on weekends as the days go on. I find I can go to more booths, find tables to stand at, during the week for lunch. Sitting is usually on a bench, or a wall and is limited.

9-10 I have walked by at night but I am usually at Crew’s Cup or Bluezoo.

  1. I have stayed at BC and YC multiple times. Maybe a I have bad luck but I have never, ever been able to find a chair. I have been by myself every time. There have always been towels on every single chair. It is the main reason I would rather go to any other deluxe resort pool.

13.An 8:00am BOG reservation on a 9 opening is a tremendous advantage. Everyone else is held in front of the castle. You will be off 7DMT before they are let into the park.

  1. Deluxe credits or dining plan credits?
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Thank you @ajcraw102 & @PrincipalTinker I’ve made my kids disney adults and we’re on the standard DDP (We have free dining and DD8 never wants the kids menu)

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I’ll take the Ale & Compass question. We ate there earlier this year. We thought it was ok, especially if you’re staying at BC or YC and looking for a last minute reservation and wanted to stay close to home. But it wasn’t somewhere we would choose to go out of our way for. I had the short rib dinner which was ok, but not nearly as phenomenal as the previous version under the old restaurant it replaced. DH had pasta because of a broken tooth. But if you go, definitely get the parker house rolls appetizer…that was delicious!


@Tate - We saw Holiday Wishes. And, our party night was sold out so there were massive amounts of people. We’re staying 9 nights at BC for F&W. Attached is my current plan. Also, not as much world showcase time as I had hoped, but there are so many places at WDW we want to go!

Dining and Attraction Planning 2018 Halloween (version 2).pdf (496.5 KB)

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