Disney GC is currently out of stock on the Disney gift cards. Any idea on how long it takes them to replenish their stock? And anyone know how long shipping usually takes? Thanks!!!

Shipping usually takes about a week for me. In the past when they have been out of stock it has been a week or two before they get more in. They seemed to be restocked on Tuesdays, but that was a while ago and could have just been a coincidence.

As a side note to this, has anyone heard of Red Perks? It’s an app on your phone. You get points for shopping at target and online. After a certain number of points you get 5% off, I think in addition to your red card. I was going to give it a try with buying the Disney gc. That would be 10% off! Has anyone tried that ? I think the app is in beta right now.

No, I haven’t heard of it but I shop at target all the time. So I will check I out. Thanks!