Tapstyles down at MK?

Reports of 2 hour waits to get into MK!!

Oh dear! What a nightmare! That’s when I would turn around and head over to another park for the day…

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totally agree with this comment:



Wow! How awful. I wonder if they are not letting anyone in or if it’s just really slow.

I wonder what would happen to people’s FastPasses? I imagine they’d just be lost… if some people can get in, then the rides must be working… so people would just need to modify to later times and hope they can get in?

Wow, imagine if you had got into the park just before this happened, and had a virtually empty park all to yourself!


That’s why you rope drop :wink:

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That’s insane! Glad we didn’t attempt MK today.

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Not sure if this is true, but according to comments on FB this was only for people buying tickets, they were working for people who had their tickets already on their magicbands.

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I think it says in the comments that people have to go to guest services to get in, so it’s just very slow.

That would make sense because someone on chat mentioned very long lines at guest services at RD.

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I hope that was the case! I don’t want this to be my new anxiety inducing “what if” worst case scenario :stuck_out_tongue:


I totally agree! I’ve got enough to worry about with the Hagrid ride.


Not their finest day.

Redundancy, people! Build redundancy into your system so this doesn’t happen!!!




All their construction updates seems to be causing issues. Disney Springs lost power Saturday night.