Tap and not ride

Okay, so keep in mind i’m still relatively new here… but…I hear and read about people tapping in for a Fastpass but not riding. So… what exactly do people mean by this?
I assume they get in the Fastpass line, put their MagicBand on the fastpass reader, and then just politely step out of line?
Is this a strategy that CM’s are cool with? I’ve just never done it.
I plan to do this for EE when we are at AK, because I still don’t think i’ll have the courage to ride it. And i’ll be busy looking for the 11:01am drop for FoP :wink:

Have you already made your fast passes? I think most people do the tap in when there are “tiers” of the headliners. AK is a little different. Do you already have one FoP FP?

I don’t have my Fastpasses yet, but haven’t had problems getting FoP in the past. AK will be day 4 or later in our trip.

I was just hoping MAYBE I could get a second FoP that day. Since it will be DH’s first trip.

Ah right. So you’ll book EE as a tier 2 to “use” (by just tapping in) so you can try for another FoP as soon as possible?

I would say this. I recently watched a video of the EE queue. It looks just amazing. Next time, I will probably book an FP and do the queue; at that point I’ll decide whether to ride or bail out at the chicken exit!

Aside: question for EE riders. Does the FP line go fully through the queue? And do you get a chance to actually see it all or do you go through too quickly to actually read the stuff? May have to do it stand-by instead.

The FP line does not go through the EE queue. You bypass the museum. If I was going to pick a FP that I was going to tap and not do I do not think I would pick one of the most popular attractions in the park? Any minor attraction would work.


Yup, exactly.
If I was more confident I’d spot the “chicken exit” i’d consider walking through. Where is it? LOL.

I think DH would very much enjoy the ride, hence the fastpass for EE. I guess I could also just schedule a diff one for me, but I don’t mind just waiting outside of the exit for him.


I think I’ll definitely do the queue stand-by next time.

Is it the same for ToT? And is RnR worth seeing for the queue?

I might even try EE and ToT, no way for RnR though.

ToT allows you to see the exact same thing as stand by!

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So, can someone confirm my original question? Just want to make sure this is allowed and that this is how it’s done.

Yes this is how it’s done. And it’s fine!

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Hurray! :smiley:

I get where people are coming from, but I’m going to suggest you book whatever DH is doing. We had one member of our party doing something different and it made it hard to book anything after that because he hadn’t yet tapped off his ride, so the system still thought he had a FP #3 to take. It meant that I had to exclude him in the search for that next FP. It was much easier to do once his expired.

So, yeah, you’re taking 1 FP (1!) away from someone else, but that will be true of whatever you do, so just make it convenient for yourself. You paid as much as everyone else for your ticket. Besides, you might actually decide to do the ride.

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Great point!

You have to book and tap (to be safe) for THREE before you can try for a second Tier 1 pass.

So just an FOP and an EE won’t do it.

Yes, I was planning on Safari, FoP, EE. So then once we both tap in for EE, I can look for the FP drop. Of course, this depends on if I get my Fastpasses right at 9am, 10am, 11am. (or am able to move them up after tapping in for ride 1 or 2.)

It can also be done and never even enter the line. I might only have a single Tier 2 attraction I want to do and multiple Tier 1 rides.

I can set up my Tier 1 as my first FPP. Then my second & third FPP are Tier 2. I may actually only want to do one of them. I walk up to the FP entry, of the unwanted Tier 2 attraction / show, tap my MB and walk away. I never even enter the queue. This knocks off a Tier 2 attraction so I can immediately start searching for another Tier 1 as soon as my first three FPP are done while in the park.

I’ll definitely be doing this in DHS when the new “Almost all rides are now Tier 1” set-up begins.

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The only risk you take is that there is no drop for FoP. this happened to us in May. I think there were no drops because FoP had been offline for a considerable time.

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