Tangled Lantern Photo

Does anyone know the hours that this typically runs? We’re trying to figure out whether the photographer might still be there after the fireworks (we’re doing the fireworks dessert party)?

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I’ve done this photo a couple times on 2 different trips. They typically set up around dusk and they will stay until park close. I have been there on a night when they closed the line about 20 minutes before park close because it was really long.
My last trip was March 2018 and we had our photo taken with the lantern right after the fireworks were finished and we only waited in line maybe 10 minutes or so.


Great, thank you!

I just did this, after fireworks, last week. So as long as the park is still open, you’re probably in good shape.

Also, while I don’t know how long the line is earlier in the evening, I waited <5 mins for the photo op after fireworks.