Tangierine ecpot

Lines app has these listed as snacks? That’s what the symbol is right?

@len could this be marked wrong?

Not an expert on DDP, but I think that just means that you can get it with a DDP CS credit.

Ditto what @bswan26 said.

Thanks guys… I thought that was the symbol for snack, or that’s they way I understood it

I saw it on what was clearly not a snack on another menu, I was confused too. I can’t remember which one now.

I’ve actually seen some issues with the menu descriptions in general lately. Sometimes just formatting and spelling things, but there do seem to be some issues.

That is supposed to be the symbol for a snack credit. email that screenshot to webmaster@touringplans.com and they’ll get it fixed. If you get spend them on $12 snacks I’d be a lot more inclined to do the dining plan lol.


I just emailed them… Thanks guys

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We’ll take a look at it. Thanks.

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