Tampa/Clear water to WDW

How is the drive from Clear water to Disney? Dh’s company has a condo that he can use for free in Clearwater. We can’t afford Disney this year but with free accomidations we thought we could drive up maybe two days durning our visit. We would fly into MCO (cheaper) and get a rental car and drive to clearwater. Then take two days and drive back and forth those days. Thinking we might do MNSSHP and then other off property stuff, DTD and dining. Thoughts? Thanks! (Kids are 6& almost 3)

I drove from downtown Tampa to Disney last week. It took about an hour and was an easy drive via I-4. I think from Clearwater you’d need to add another 20 minutes to your drive. The beaches in Clearwater are beautiful!

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Any specific beach to check out? Does I4 have tolls?

No tolls on I-4 between Tampa & Disney.

We vacationed at a condo in Belleaire Beach south of Clearwater a few years ago. This past Fall we spent the day at Sand Key State Park in Clearwater Beach. Here is a picture (sorry for the quality but is a screen shot of my phone wallpaper)


IMO if you are flying into MCO why not do disney first( value resort) then head to Clearwater? depending on the time of year it can be difficult to get off the causeway from clearwater and traffic on I-4 can be heavy. i would allot about 2 hrs min from clearwater to disney.

When we lived in Tampa quite a few years ago our favorite beach to visit was Indian Rocks Beach, just south of Belleaire Beach. It is beautiful there! Our favorite restaurant was Guppy’s on the Beach, it is still there if you are looking for great seafood. It is right across the street from beach access, so we always watched the sunset there when we went for dinner.

Flying to mco is cheaper than tpa?? Interesting. I would have thought tpa cheaper. You may also want to check st pete airport. It is smaller and not as many flights go there. It is on the other side of the howard franklin bridge.

The ride i would say is about 2 hours. I drove gulfport to disney i. December at an easy pace and i would say about 2 hours. Also after rush hour. Not trying to get to rope drop or parks. But to hotel.

@butternutmomma is right depending time of year and time of day add time to the journey.

This is good information. Some Spring hubby and I should go to see the Phillies when they are at training camp. I was wondering how far it was from WDW.

It can, actually take a good 30 minutes to get from Clearwater to Tampa due to commute traffic. Once outside of Tampa the drive on I-4 is easy.

I would really plan three hours. I live in the Orlando metro area, just 30 miles north of WDW and it takes me 1 1/2 hours to get from my front door to Mainstreet.

You have to take into account that once you get on to the WDW resort you could have another 20 minutes of driving to your desired park, so plan 3 hours from your condo door to the park entrance because remember you also have parking, security check, and getting through the entrance line, and time to go to the bathroom and find a locker if you plan to rent one.