Has anyone tried to do some form of take out from Tambu? DD loves Ohana but we are only eating outdoors this trip. I know you can get some Ohana food at Tambu . If I brought some boxes do you think we could order from there and carry to the outdoor tables?

@NaviHeart is at Tambu right now. Threads collide!

This was going back some years by now, but a friend of mine tried to get something from there and they would not pack it up as takeout.

I thought it sounded ridiculous, myself, but this is what she reported. What the heck was it she wanted to order??? I can’t recall that

Hopefully with the pandemic that has changed and they will be more willing to do that.

It was the bread pudding from Ohana that my friend wanted to get at Tambu to go.

Thanks, @OB. That’s good to know. If I try it, I will be sure to bring my own boxes to maybe I can just get them to bring on plates and transfer myself to boxes.

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And again, it could be different post pandemic as most everywhere will do takeout now.