Tall People Riding Flights of Passage

Has anyone 6’7" ridden flights of passage? If so where you able to get your legs into the vehicle.

In case there aren’t any really tall Liners to help you, I can offer feedback from 6’4" DH (35/36" inside leg measurement). He says he had plenty of room for his legs and didn’t feel squashed in

I’ve seen that post also. There is a huge difference between 6’4" and 6’7" or 8". Especially with airplane seats for example. I think we’ll probably have to just wait and see. It’s the calf restraint that looks like to me will be the most difficult.

FOP position is like a sport motorcycle position without foot pegs. There is nothing for you to hit your knees.

The calf restraint is reportedly around 18 inches.

The measurement that will decide whether you fit is length from foot to knee so the diff between 6’4" and 6’8" is probably an inch or so - he reckons he had that kind of space left.