Talking Mickey still at Town Square Theater?

Is the talking Mickey still at Town Square Theater? I heard rumors a few months ago that he was going silent.

On the official Disney site, it no longer mentions that he talks. It just says “get a hug from Mickey”.

I believe May 12th was going to be the last day for Talking Mickey, but I haven’t seen anything since January on the date.

It isn’t a rumour though, it is confirmed. Cost savings and also H&S issues - the weight of the heads was causing back problems for CMs (although I did see one person suggest they should start hiring football players as Talking Mickey instead).


Thanks for information. I figured it was no longer a rumor. This was one thing we never did and were planning on doing on our upcoming trip. Maybe they will bring him back some day. Thanks again!

Wow…i had not heard this. Very disappointing, dw’s favorite meet…may need to adjust some plans now.