Talk to this deluxe snob about values and mods! EDIT: WE'RE GOING TO DISNEY WORLD!

I guess I’m not the only one with Disney withdrawal.
I told him yesterday that we have a ton of Southwest credit that is going to expire in May.
DH came home from work today with next year’s work calendar. The company he works for is owned by Hasidic Jews and they close for all the major holidays. The closure days are paid.
He said that since he’s got the time off paid, and the travel funds are going to expire, we should go to WDW again during Passover!!! (3/27-4/3 is the time frame.)

But, even though I don’t like values and mods, I also don’t want to spend top on a deluxe so soon after our last trip. Success the hotel we live isn't open, everything's gonna be disappointing anyway, might as well have a few .
The 35% off deal is way better of a deal for me as I always buy tickets through UT or convention tickets.
Sell me on a value or a mod, please before he changes his mind!!!
2 Adults, 1 child


Many people say Gran Destino Tower at CS is pretty much a Deluxe priced at moderate! The only downside is transportation. Internal bus routes add time to the commute.

I have stayed at POFQ (sorry it’s closed so I bring this up only for comparison purposes) and the room quality was very nice, difficult to even say it wasn’t as nice as a deluxe, TBH. The main difference between Moderate and Deluxe is convenience to the parks.


CSR is as close as you can get at a moderate. At CBR you will get the Riviera transportation (skyliner).


CSR is an absolute no, forgot to mention.
We stayed there in 2019 and had an awful stay. So much so, that Disney gave us 5 comped PH passes. I don’t think I can get DH to stay there again.

As a family of five we were deluxe snobs by default. Once our oldest two went to college, we started experiencing the moderates. We have stayed in them all now and have been pleased. I was worried we had been spoiled by staying deluxe. The moderate that feels the closest to deluxe for us would be CSR.


Oops just saw this.

It’s ok I think we posted at the same time.

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So my next favorite is POFQ because of the small size but it’s not open. I like CBR but mainly because of the proximity to Riviera.

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No one has touched on values yet … I’ll just say, even just looking at the pics I can tell the difference. I don’t know if I (spoiled as I am) would enjoy a value. But on the bright side, you’d feel good knowing you were saving money! It’s just like the joy you get eating vegetables or exercising - it’s good not because you like it, but because it reminds you that you’re doing the right thing (for your budget, in this case). :wink:

(P.S. Total first world problem post right here :grimacing:)


You’re 100% right though!
I just feel like, if I’m going to be disappointed that it’s not AKL, I might as well save money!
I’m kind of leaning toward Pop or CBR for the skyliner tbh. We didn’t do epcot last trip, so it would make it convenient.


They are close enough to get food at either resort? Are pools important to you?

I will say we can all have really bad experiences at any resort. You want to be at AKL, I used to feel that same way. Now, I have an unused voucher for a two night CL stay because of an AKL stay 4 years ago? I understand your feelings

Have you considered the Swan/Dolphin? At Disney location is everything to me if I’m not driving.
It looks reasonable that week and will likely continue to be so since few conventions if any are happening in the near future.

I’m kind of a deluxe snob too, Pop was fine for a mother/daughter trip but it is a motel which TBH is kind of advantageous right now – you don’t have to get on an elevator with other people!


Eh… I’m hesitant about Swolphin bc of the bus changes. We have a child in a wheelchair so that extra walking to and from the bus (or to/from YC to use their bus) is a big deal.

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Was the stay at GDT? If not, could you sell him on it as a separate resort that is “Deluxe Adjacent” that happens to share some of the same things as CSR?

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It’s so funny how that goes… We’ve been diehard AKL fans since opening. We’ve never had a bad stay there.
I just hesitate to even suggest CSR to DH for fear he’ll just decide to scrap the whole idea.

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Also just so you’re aware, NYC public schools will be on Spring Break during that time as our break is always over Passover. I know there are capacity limits, but they may be a lot closer than other times.

No, it was before gdt opened.

We were there during Cheer Worlds. :roll_eyes: The crush of teens pretty much shut everything down. You couldn’t get into the food court, the table service, the main pool.

Funny how it is, I am going to Kidani, maybe, for a night but I will only go DVC there now.

Yup, Jersey girl here. Our district is the week after funny enough, bc Easter and Passover almost overlap this year.

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Maybe show him videos of GDT?

I don’t think any Cheer things are happening right now (thank goodness). They don’t have the food court open as a rule - it was open for Grab and Go supposedly for holidays, but it was open longer than The Mara so I’m not 100% sure. But given that is in the middle of Rolling Spring Break (pretty much March-at least mid-April someone is on break) they might open it up for grab and go again.