Talk to me about Wine & Dine Race weekend 2019

What can you guys tell me about the race weekend? Did the Princess half back in 2019 and wondering how similar it might be. I know it’s early, but love planning almost as much as going, so checking out fp’s, food, and crowd/timeline issues now. Very excited! Thanks! Ruth

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Do you mean 2020?
At the moment 2019 is sold out (they will sometimes release spots they held back). I saw spots for the Challenge last week but they are gone now.

As of now, all bets are off as to how that weekend will be until we see how Galaxies Edge shakes out.
I haven’t done W&D since it became a morning race but we are registered so I will report back.

Neve rmind….saw on the other thread you already signed up. Congrats!

I loved W&D weekend back in 2017. Honestly, I always expect crowds at WDW every time of year now, so I’m either pleasantly surprised or well prepared.

The post-race party was OK. It was my 6th half marathon, but I was wiped out from exploring the parks all week & wasn’t able to stay out as late as I’d hoped. My parents (who purchased tickets) enjoyed it, and we did get to ride Test Track with a relatively minimal wait. I didn’t see a huge difference in crowds from the party to a normal night, but we also left early.

Anything specific details you’re looking for? I was near the front of the line for merch/bib pick up on Wednesday, and ran the 2-course challenge. Had a great experience with all race-related events

Sorry, meant 2016 for princess. Thanks for replying! Was wondering if you knew how they placed for Corrals, now that you don’t need proof of time if you are over 2:45 for time.