Talk to me about the Pop Warner Super Bowl

My husband and I plan to visit DW Nov 30 - Dec 9, which obviously falls through the Pop Warner thingymabob. We plan to stay at Port Orleans Riverside. We will use Disney transportation. My husband is a light sleeper. We aren’t picky on rooms - I’m willing to go where needed for peace and quiet at night. I was wondering if anyone has stayed at this particular resort at this particular time and has any advice? Maybe ideas for room requests? A magical phrase to repeat to the hotel staff that will let them know I don’t want to be situated near the Pop Warner folks if possible? Or am I just worrying over nothing? (Which admittedly happens a lot - it’s practically my hobby.)

Or maybe we should we just ditch POR completely and find a different resort? I love the romance and grandeur of this resort but I don’t know how well I’d handle 300 screaming cheerleaders at 3am…

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I can’t really speak to POR…we stayed at POFQ the first week in December last year, and had no issues at all. I think the only time we saw team activities was in Boma…a couple of large groups…and maybe at MK…We loved the small size and easy walking distances of POFQ…a lot. I know @PrincipalTinker had some issues with groups at POR…but I don’t remember the events or time of year…

I have had problems with unsupervised groups at POR, but only in April during senior week trips. My issues focused on lots of smoking and the habit that 17 years old where one of them is waiting for a bus and suddenly there are 30 17 year olds jumping the bus line. In their defense, they do not do it on purpose, they really, truly do not see everyone else standing and waiting :grinning:

I believe almost every group during Pop Warner stay at the All Star resorts. Those groups are usually very well supervised!

I would not worry about POR. Can you request Magnolia Bend? It is such a lovely resort!

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