Talk to me about the Poly!

DH decided to join me for DAH on my upcoming solo trip. Celebrating our anniversary, so we are staying our last night at the Poly. We plan to arrive & relax on check-in day, grab dinner at the resort, then head to MK for fireworks and DAH. The next day is our departure day but our flight isn’t until 8:50pm. Plan is to sleep late (no kids up at 6am!!!) then pack up, drop our stuff at bell services & head to California Grill for brunch. We will likely have 3-4 hours after our meal to hang out at the Poly before DME picks us up.

So 3 questions-

  1. Where should we eat?
  2. What should we check out at the resort?
  3. Can someone give me a rundown or transportation from the Poly? Like monorail resort order, boat info?

Bonus points: anyone know what transport will go to the Poly at 1am when DAH is over?

  1. At Poly? Kona or Ohana for TS, Capt Cooks for QS, Trader Sams for snacks after 4p
  2. If you’re there between 11a-5p think about a boat rental for an hour or two. Sit on the beach on one of the swings - the beach between Fiji longhouse and GF is super quiet (not great fireworks viewing though because no music and part obstructed because of an island). Trader Sams if you can get in, Trader Sams patio if you can’t. Just stroll around - the further from the ceremonial house the more tranquil it gets.
  3. Monorail from great ceremonial house to MK, Contemporary (stops at GF - MK - CR - TTC -Poly). Walk to GF via beachside path, 10 minutes. Walk to TTC (10 minutes max) for easy access to Epcot monorail (in poor weather, monorail all the way around and transfer). Boat to MK, comes via GF so may have passengers aboard already; on return, boat stops at GF first. At MK transfer to boat to WL.

Ha! Did you borrow my phone when I wasn’t looking?


I think @OBNurseNH gave some great feedback. I love the Oasis Pool and the bat and grill in the pool area.

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Does your phone let you make crazy typos too?! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Yup! Do you remember you asked me if I was ok last week because my posts were crazy? I catch about half of them!

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@OBNurseNH has secret information about a great spot to watch HEA from the Poly and she said she’d tell me but she didn’t :frowning:

Secret? I have stayed at the Poly multiple times. You will not be able to see the projections but there is beach area/docks that you can stand on and watch the fireworks. One of the most unique experiences I ever had was watching the old Wishes fireworks from CL lounge. Oh! I think I Trader Sam’s patio may be my new favorite spot!

She said it was better than that.


I don’t know! She hasn’t told me!

All I know is that it’s the best spot in all of WDW to see HEA and only she knows where it is. And it’s at the Poly.

You know the view is across a large waterway- right?:wink:

I’m simply repeating what she told me. Her exact words were something like “crystal clear, wholly unobstructed view”. More or less.

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Secret spot = grassy knoll. More to come. In class again today…


Because not crowded and great view. Also music.

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Patio= elevated view with music :grinning:

Can you two make your minds up as to where the best spot is and let me know.

And I also want to see the Electrical Water Pageant.

Oh, and also . . .

My reservation is for a “standard room” — any suggestions as to what I should request?

Trader Sams is a lot of fun. The bartenders are great. I suggest getting there about 15 min before they actually open so you can get in and get a table.

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I felt like trees would be in the way there. I trust you tho!