Talk to me about the Grand Floridian

We are thinking Grand Floridian for our future trip. Gives me three years to save! I know some people love it. It looks beautiful. I love the idea of the princess tea for my girls. We want to stay on the monorail. It was so convenient at the Poly.
What’s the food like? Particularly the quick service. We aren’t a fan of Captain cookes abd found that it was tough without quick service we liked. More dining options at Grand Floridian?

Thanks for your thoughts!

I don’t have personal experience, but found this review at Disney Food Blog. Also, you can always check out the menu to see if there are items that look like you’d like them.
There are links to the menus within the above post as well.
I would say, if the quick service options are important to you, check out the menus before you go and see which resort has a menu that appeals.

I haven’t read that blog before but it looks like exactly what I should be reading. Thanks!

There are YouTube videos as well. My DD and I love them! AJ has done video reviews of most of the resorts food options, it’s a great resource!

I’ll have to do that. Plan would be to book more meals at our resort next time. Since we often found ourselves at the resort but no reservations on our last trip.

Videos will be good to watch. Thanks!

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We’ve stayed there twice, once at the resort and once at the DVC building. We thought dining options were great too. Ate at Citricos, Floridian Café, and Casparilla before catching an early morning ME bus home. In addition to all you mentioned, the pools are some of best for kids, there is a boat ride (very cool) to MK in addition to the monorail, you can watch the fireworks from the boat docks, rooms are some of the most luxuriously appointed, and CM service is top notch. We loved everything about, except the cost of course :wink:. But the family memories last forever.

I stayed at the Grand Flo last year – it was lovely! Gorgeous to stroll through, so cool to be able to see the MK (the castle and Space Mtn especially), and a pretty nice pool area. It’s definitely got more of a grown-up feel to it.

That said, I actually preferred the Yacht Club – I loved being able to walk or boat to two parks. Getting back to the GF after HEA is a headache (I recommend the boats, not the monorail. The line for the monorail after closing is bananas…). That said, the Poly is really the place I want to stay next! (Mostly because I want to drink all the tiki drinks at Trader Sam’s…)

We didn’t eat at any of the QS places, so I can’t weigh in on that… But the GF really is a lovely property!

Thanks for the reply. What you are saying is what I hope it would be… looks like a nice place! Glad to hear you liked it!

Thank you! I don’t think we will be a park close family next time. Kids will still be little. We loved seeing the fireworks from the Poly! That was a highlight so our next place we will have to pick a place to do that…

I’m also thinking if we go longer maybe spend some time at AKL Savannah room… then go to grand Floridian… changing resorts has pros and cons I know. We just felt didn’t have enough time at AK this time do AKL might be nice…

It’s Grand!

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Totally agree – a split stay between a monorail resort and AKL sounds IDEAL! (I shall live vicariously through all of y’all, since we don’t have our next trip planned yet… sniff, sniff…)

We watched the fireworks from Trader Sam’s Tiki Terrace and it was positively magical. HEA is just the best… probably my favorite part of the trip.

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Well I’m a couple years out this is my Lee planning research… :). But we did book this hotel almost a year out last time so I think it’s smart to start planning! And fun

I love the GF, one of the reasons being so many great TS options. The QS restaurant was ok, but nothing special (the usual QS options). The GF (for the food, location and ambiance dance) and the Contemporary (even better location and nostalgia from when I stayed in the 80s) are my 2 favorite resorts now.

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It’s beautiful and I love to visit, but I would never pay those prices to stay there. V&A, Citrico’s and Narcoossee’s are all excellent; I haven’t eaten at any of the others.

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