Talk to me about shipping luggage

I’ve been going back and forth with the idea of shipping clothes and other sundries to POR for our trip next week.
Help me make a decision!

Basically, it would be a box o’ clothes, since it isn’t exactly shorts weather up here yet. Maybe some sunscreen and a box of granola bars.
We’ll be shipping from home, not Amazon or elsewhere.

I like the idea of just having a carry-on going through the airport, not having to wait at in line to check baggage or visit baggage claim on the other end.

UPS is quoting me $75 ground for my theoretical package, while Delta will charge me $25/bag (likely two checked bags for our 3 person trip).

Have you done this, was it worth the extra $50 and somewhat added hassle of having to haul your box to the package store?
On the Disney end, can I drop a sealed box at Bell Services, or will I have to find a package store on my way to the airport?

Ideas, thoughts, horror stories?

(Note, I have considered all-carryon, but none of us is a big fan of doing laundry in the middle of vacation.)

$75 each way? Probably not worth it.

The return shipping could be tricky. You’ll need packing tape and probably need to take the return label with you from home. But I don’t know if all hotels let you leave packages for outgoing UPS.

You could get hit with a handling fee at the resort. I was shocked to find that the Contemporary charges to receive packages, even when you schlep to the business center and pick up instead of asking for it to be delivered to your room. They’ve got some outside company that handles packages at the Contemporary.

If you’re still considering it, call POR directly and ask if this is something that they will handle, and if so, are there any fees.

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$75 each way, yes.

I believe the handling fee is only at the hotels that have a “Business Center” (Conference hotels) but a good suggestion to double-check.

I would think this is a pain in the butt. Checking a bag usually isn’t a huge deal at the airport especially if you are doing curb side. Additionally if you are doing Magic Express - you will have to “wait” for bags anyway. We fly out of PHL and you ALWAYS have to wait for your bags - so that is a bit of a pain - but if you add up time - waiting at the airport would be a lot less time than going back and forth to the UPS then having to get it at the hotel then spending time REPACKING the package and getting that all coordinated.

Just pack the extra bags